1st hydro grow using waterfarm top drip


How often do i water seedling in this system


It should be a perpetual drip on those systems i do believe, i run a dwc system an watering a seedling isn’t nessary at all tge roots reach the water quickly


Top drip is just a gimmick… it will only aid in killing your plants… just top water once a day until roots hit the water then run dwc… f that top feed… :wink:



I agree lol just wasn’t going to be the one to say f that top feed​:+1::rofl:


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I get mad when I see people getting sucked into all the hype… it’s so much easier then that… :wink:
All of these gimmicks just set you up for failure… they know that all we want is to succeed , so it’s easy to take advantage of that… :wink:


Thank you for the info im gonna take that ring off now and hand water


Within a few days they will be in resevor an won’t have to water at all just maintain resevor


this one was put in the dwc net pot on dec 1st


I tag you to my thread… scroll to the top… lots of good info… still need to update… :grin:



Thank you@peachfuzz will do


Looks good bro i need to buy the net pots for dwc the ststem i have just had pre drilled holes for drainage nothing big enough for roots to go thru


Here where I’m at in Oklahoma you can pick the buckets an net pots as a set 15 bucks, online unless your buying in bulk they are a lil more


Yea they not that expensive but need to wait for payday lol so have to work with what i got for now


this is what i got so far sprouted on 15th


Just wondering if i jyst keep the water running since the roots are only in hydroton or just water every few hours


I run dwc but you should be fine with a continuous drip with no soil, the drip ring is actually worthless


Thanks for the info brother i was looking into the current culture dwc but got this damn thing instead because it came with nutes hydroton pretty much everything and since im new to this it looked good for 60 bucks and a 2 gallon res seemed cheaper than the current culture 8 gallon my water here sucks so im having to purchase at store


Also do u know if ipower is a good light to use


Why do you put it in so much clay pellets?