1st harvest need some advice please

Is it time to harvest?? Trichomes look cloudy and some Amber. Keep in mind I do have spider mite problem, so planted were treated a couple weeks ago with neem oil solution and we added some lady bugs to help feast on those little bastards. I am not Ute if the treatment would turn trichomes or turn the pistils brown/orange.
They are photos, unknow strain and were flipped to 12/12 8weeks ago
Any and all advice is welcomed.

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Another week or so i think. I am also a week out.

Probably a couple of weeks. A good bit of white hairs still showing. You want to look at the trichomes as deep in the buds as you can and not on the sugar leaves. @oldmarine has a great video. Also, the white specs are of concern. Have you had pest issues? Or white powdery mildew?


It’s never advisable to spray buds with neem it leaves a film and you can taste it when you smoke it and I know of two people actually hospitalized after smoking. Because it was a couple weeks ago you are probably okay especially because I believe you still have 2 or 3 weeks to go. When looking at trichomes you have to make sure you are looking at bud and not leaves leaves are liars and their trichomes will ripen before the bud will, what I do is make sure I see a hair coming out of what I’m looking at… They’re lookin good :+1:


Thanks for your response @Borderryan22…yes I have had a lot of spider mites issues. I stopped treating with neem oil since they are in late flowering and added ladybugs to eat the pests.


I noticed the lady bugs. Awesome predator pests. You can use Captain Jacks Dead Bug throughout flower. Have you read or watched anything on bud washing?

And you’re welcome!

No i haven’t, but I guess I’m going to lol


I agree with the other members a few more weeks


Even indoors it’s hiiiiiiighly recommended. This is a great vid, easy to follow vid. Good luck and happy growing!!!


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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