1st harvest - drying at 55F?

i have a closet that id like to use to dry my 1st harvest- its about 55 degrees F in there- will that temperature be ok or cause any issues? its all trimmed down completely and hanging on hangers and a couple are on a wire grate. (( so happy right now)) :grin:

The key is humidity. You don’t want the humidity to get over about 55 to 60% for drying.
As far as temperature, I never really thought about it. I would think room temperature but you better check with an experienced grower.

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its cold here and this closet doesn’t have heat but its nice n dark and no one uses it so I’m not removing anyones “stuff” and taking over another space lol its a little chilly in there but i am thinking its probably better for it to be cool and not hot … just thought id ask the pros around :slight_smile: @ktreez420 your thoughts ? its cold where you are too i believe :slight_smile: