1st grower setup

I have one plant in maybe 2nd wk of seedling. My closet space is 4x3x7. I have a diy reflector 24in, long 18in.wide, with 4 sockets with 2 socket adapters. I put 4 150w 2800 lumens bulbs in the middle 2 sockets ,4 23w 1600 lumens in the 2 outside socket. Do you think this will be enough light for this one plant. I’m on a tight budget for right now, but do plan on getting a apollo 400w hsp within a couple of weeks. So what do you think .

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As far as your plant goes, that lighting sounds good for growing one plant. The real question isn’t about watts though, because you have a good amount. But what is the Kelvin rating for each bulb? In vegetative phase, you should have lights with 5500-6500k rating.


My 4 150s putting out 2700 each, my 23s are putting out 5000k each

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@fella1451the amount of plants you can run ,will depend on the type and strain of the plants … Your lite output should be good ,But you will have to keep them close to the plants .and maybe add side liteing as needed…What strains are you planning on growing ? .if you need more advise use the @ symbol and my handle .in your post ,and ill find it faster ., good growing Hammer …Ps if your wanting short compact plants that are easy to grow ,. id recommend Roberts ILGM Auto flowers . you could put 4-5 in that closet … and his Prices are very good .and the product is even Better… Iam currently using some of his now… Hammer

@hammer,Im using white widows. what method for germinating do you recommend? This weekend i plan to order the apollo glk 400 light kit with the 2 bulbs

@fella1451 not familiar with the lite set up ,enlightenment me please . … what kind of WW are you using . Fem’s .Auto. Reg …Hammer

I’m using ww fems. My lite setup is, i have diy reflector i made out 24in length 8in round that by the time i form it it strecht to 18in wide. with 4double sockets with 150win lumens 2700k in the middle 4 sockets and4 23w 1600 lums,5k000

@fella1451 . My bad , i meant to ask about apollo . does it run 2 400 watt lites ? And how big is grow zone .? cfl 's don’t put out much heat ,But those HPS’s will .can you take a pict of your set up if so this will help me advise you on a few small things rapidily .current set up and the add ons your getting …Thanx… Hammer