1st Grow with Some Issues: Amnesia Haze Auto & Blueberry Auto

Hello Everyone,

This is my first grow and it’s been a rocky start. I mixed up my seeds during germination so I don’t even know which plant is which. I put tags in each pot hoping to identify them once they grow, but I’ll refer to them as I have them tagged unless some can set me straight now LOL.

AH seed shell was stuck for the first week after breaking soil. I was able to gently remove it with my finger nail, but then I found the sugar leaves were fused together. AH has been looking rough since the start, at one point it was laying over and I used toothpicks to support it. Now, I’m experiencing stunted grown (33 days old and just reached 6 inches) and there has been discoloring issues since the start. I think I may had been under-watering for for the first two weeks. Any suggestions to help this plant along would be greatly appreciated.

BB is doing well. Took a few day longer to break the surface, but has now lapped AH. I just began LST a few days ago when it reached 7 inches. My question for this plant is it always looks a little droopy. I watered heavy, I watered light…the leaves never “pray” to the light like my other plant…is this normal for some strains or is something off with this plant as well?

-3 gal fabric pots 50/50 ocean forest and happy frog
-no nutes
-18/6 lighting schedule (Mars Hydro TSW 2000 currently 18 inches from canopy)

  • Approximately 20 oz of water, each plant, every other day (Checking with finger ~2x day)
  • Approximately 78 degrees and 55 percent humidity with lights on
  • pH adjusted water to 6.2 (The one time I checked runoff it had a pH of 6.8)
  • AC Infinity 6 inch fan on low, oscillating tower fan on low and clip on fan pointed down at light
  • AH tag is 33 days old
  • BB tag is 27 days old

AH Tag

BB Tag

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