1st grow, where to now?

Im not sure what stage my girls are in, I assume pre flower.
I planted unknown seeds, they are about 4 months grow.
1st post be kind to me…
Id like some advice on where to go from here.


First welcome to the neighborhood your plants look to be happy, pics are far but I don’t see any pre flower. Keep doing what you are doing and once your dark hours increase to over 9-10 hours they will go into flower and you will want to feed em for flowers. It’s a good idea to make sure that they are not getting light at night from a street light or porch light etc that can affect their ability to flower properly. For now it’s lookin good though good job.

@MeEasy got you covered.

If you have experienced other grow forums I can understand this statement. What you ARE going to experience here is no one putting you or your grow down. We are a supportive community with fairly high standards and do not tolerate that behavior. You are welcome here and there is a wealth of knowledge.

I would suggest reading Forum Policy and I’ll point out: please no profanity, no personal information and no links to unauthorized vendors. Amazon and Dealzer are both okay. Any links that do not sell anything are just fine.

Welcome and look forward to seeing more from you. Plants are still in veg IMO.

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That’s one serious hedge line growmie! Beautiful healthy girls! Gotta love the outdoors and ability to grow some beast!!!

These guys got you covered, just wanted to add a welcome to the co-op!! Keep us updated with pics, if you would be so kind!!

Looking good, I can’t wait to grow outside this summer.

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Happy to be here, just getting to work out how to use the forum…

Some up dates as requested. I week later

This was interesting, I had a winter plant which went Hermi, so I pulled it but left the pot mix in the pot. A while later I notice 2 babies from seeds which the hermi must have dropped.
Pics enclosed… one is stunted one went well , I tipped the healthy one, its now looking good.

Some advice on this plant please. It has had the same treatment as the others, but Ive noticed some Nitrogen burn on the tips?? Its also not as green as the others, any ideas? Just in the last few days.

updates posted

You giving them any nutrients? Checking run off?

What’s the use of the planter outdoors? If it was in the ground you’d just pay attention to watering and not so much adding nutrients.

Hi, they are in pots so I can move them. Not legal here, so I need to move them now and again.
What nutrients would you suggest.
I have been feeding them Nitrosol…N12.3% K 13% P 1.9% Ca 1.3% S 7.3
Its only the one thats looking a bit pale

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Another question: I dont really want them getting higher than the fence, is it to late to pinch the tall stems and bend them over? I did it to them when they where smaller.

Update…27th March
Bad news all 4 plants now showing signs of turning to Hermies.
One of the seedlings went to a friend whos also turned so it wasnt environment issues.
Do I let them grow out not sure if any heads will develop.

The next couple of pics havent gone to seed as much,yet?
Is there any hope of a decent smoke??