1st grow, when should I harvest?

1st time grow, when should I harvest? Plants are at 10 weeks. image|375x500


Just watch the trichomes. When they are all milky and about 20%of them are amber she’ll be ready. Some natural light pics would help. Minimum you have two weeks or so


Welcome @prbarnhart Happy Growing.
Do you have a magnifying glass or anything where you can look at your Trich’s like @itsalwayssomething suggested?
If not, check into them if ya can.
You’ll end up seeing something like this, and can judge your harvest from there. I’ll hit week 8 soon, but I want energy/euphoria so mines ready!
image image image


Need a picture in natural light. Plus you need to get a $10 Jeweler Loupe off Amazon. This takes the guess work out of the equation… 30x and 60x magnification. :+1:


Plants were breaking down due to weight so I harvested. First grow and buds were green, 3 plants and got 10.6 ounces. Good or bad?