1st Grow, Sprout Leaf Color Off?

Check out my pics, I was hoping to see a real nice lush looking green sprout but they seem to be trending toward yellow. Will my girls be okay ? Thanks for all help - didn’t think the questions would start so fast…

Grow Info:
Harlequin Fems from ILGM
Indoor 2x2 with Spiderfarm SF1000 at full power about 28" from sprouts.
78F 40RH during daylight hours 18/6, drops to 72 at night.
100 % Happy Frog in solo cups.
This is Day 5 and they just received their first watering since going in the soil.

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The color looks good to me. New growth is lighter in color.


Yeah looks ok. The green will darken as the roots get established and begin taking in the nitrogen.

Humidity seems a tad low. Seedlings like moist air.

@TEGRITY yeah I’m fighting RH during winter months, running a humidifier 18/6 in the tent plus wicking a towel out of a bucket and struggle to hit 45RH. Really don’t want to dome the twins at this point… ?

If you find the key to humidity, can I take her for a spin? I would marry a cow in order to get
45% RH. I’m LUCKY to achieve 35%, when it’s raining out, bucket of water in the tent, me
blowing hot air on the plant and a humidifier next to it.

Have you tried misting around your grow? Do you possibly have a heat vent close? If so you can put a clean can of water on the vent, and it will produce humidity.

I would put a dome on Also, lightly mist the inside of it first

Don’t know why but I’m reluctant to dome them. Do most folks dome their seedlings to help get them started and if so, how do you know when to take the dome off ?

Dome is pretty common. Helps hold humidity like a miniature terrarium. Mist inside of dome,place over baby.

Oh yeah, I would leave the dome for 4-5 days.