1st Grow - Seeds are Germinating!

First off let me say what a great community you have here, my hat is off to all responsible. I’ve been spending a lot of time here reading threads while waiting for my seeds to arrive from ILGM and everyone here seems extremely helpful.

I ended up buying a Spider Farmer 27”x27”x63” kit which includes the SF1000 light as well as an inline fan and carbon filter plus a few other small items. Am set up in a basement storage area with access to main basement and it seems like it will be a good place to be able to control temp and humidity. Realized quickly after setup that I was going to need to put a humidifier in the tent to be able to even hit 50% RH at 75 degrees.

So now I have everything set up, been running it the last couple of weeks figuring out airflow, temps and humidity and just when I’m ready my SEEDS ARRIVE ! Decided to do the water immersion and 36 hours later I can see a crack developing in both seeds and maybe the start of a white tap root so they will soon be going in soil and the adventure begins !

Just wanted to say hello as I’m sure you’ll see me here with questions soon. Oh yeah - I’m growing Harlequin photos.


Welcome to the community. You found a forum where all you need to know about growing is just your keyboard away. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

@ZumenLumen welcome to the neighborhood, it’s good to hear when someone actually takes the time to do a test run before putting $50 worth of seeds in there. Good luck I’m sure I’ll see you around

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Welcome and congrats on the germ! Seeds can drown. I would keep the soak to 24 hours or under personally. You can go straight to medium from that point or paper towel if you like to watch :wink:

Sounds like you’re off to a good start. You are very correct on the community here. It’s almost freakishly pleasant and helpful. I forget I’m on the internet around here.

Thanks Gents, ended up dropping the seeds into solo cups last night so now have to wait. @Eagles009, the seeds went into clear solos which are then dropped in reds cuz I do like to watch :laughing:

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