1st grow, Purple Queen @ 60 days

Aloha grower brahs, first grow here, indoors (I know…“indoors in Hawaii?”…well it rains ALOT here):
Purple Queen, got seedlings @ 2 weeks old, grown from seed.
–3gal pot, Promix soil w layer of clay pellets on bottom, +some mixed in.
–20/4 LED 300w for 6 weeks, then moved to flower room, 20/4 1000w LED adjusted to Veg.
–DaKine420 nutes (Base/Grow) @ 50% mix/2x week, flush 1x week.
–pH corrected water to 5.5-6.2
–Used Castille soap spray for pests.
–Temps 75-82°F / Hum 60-80%.
–Plants topped @ 4 weeks, branches tied down in prep for SCROG.
–Clones taken @ 6 weeks.

Plants are 2mos old tomorrow, about half the size I want for SCROG, and I can see what I believe to be a couple preflowers (can this happen under veg conditions?) so they are ready to flip to flower.

However, 1 plant has some leaf fingers twisting, and bronze leaf spots. So I flushed w/6.1pH H2O, and pinched the discolored leaves 3 days ago. Soil pH is 5.5 and sat is 36% now, but the leaf twisting hasn’t corrected. No new signs, though.

Should I move forward with flowering?

The clones after 2 weeks in home made aerocloner. I’m switching to hydro for all future grows, and will alternate between photo and auto grows.

Also growing 1each Green Crack/AK47 fem photo, and Diesel Auto seedlings from seed.

Can anyone help?

How close is ur light to the plant

Hey, thanks for your reply. The 1000w LED is 2 feet from the plants. Identical plants with identical conditions and care, and only 1 of them shows these symptoms. The soil sat is 21% now and they have had no nutes for a week, so I need to make a decision on which path to take–grow another week, or flip the light and nutes to flower. Below is a pic from today, there is some additional twisting…


Well that’s not preflowering it is starting to show sex. Not seeing any big issues.

Thanks for your replies, @BetrayedSoul, and @scorpion

Yes, I was using a moisture meter. No longer.

The plants are 62 days old now. I did water them this morning with 5.75 pH, filtered water. No nutes. I want to flip them very soon.

@Betrayedsoul after these 2, I’m switching to all hydro. I took 2 clones from these Purple Queens, and germinated a Green Crack/AK47, and an autoflower Diesel. All in a homemade aerocloner. They’re ready to move to veg. I’m gonna use separate 5gal buckets, ea with one plant in clay pellets, an air stone and pump to flood the clay pellets 5mins/hour.


Great. Then I’ll flip the lights out at 12hrs beginning today, and watch for flowering. Since they got h20 today for 2nd time (no nutes in 10 days), I’ll wait a few days and then give bloom food.

I have been keeping daily notes and pics of all my plants. Is this adequate for one of the grow journals here?

Here are the hydro babies roots…


Sure! And welcome to the forum!

We try to treat grow journals like your own personal space. As long as forum rules are followed, you can post as much or as little as you want. Some are very formal with daily or weekly updates scouring every last bit of information about their grow. Others don’t really post much at all. Some have journals that are maybe 10% grow related and 90% bullshiting with other members (kinda annoying if you try to follow the actual grow) but whatever. It’s all about what you want out of it. If you think you’d like to look back and reference at a later time, I would suggest at least weekly updates with all of the pertinent grow metrics. Of you just wanna show off your grow or get help with a specific item or two, that’s cool too.

It’s pretty rare occurence that I don’t spend at least a few hours a day here, so let me know if you need anything. I don’t have all the answers, but lot of good people here to help. If you spend some time going through the journals and using up your likes your trust level will go up. That will get you more forum tools, and you may find some people you click with too.

Happy growing!


Thanks for the advice @dbrn32

I think I may start a journal for the hydroponics I’m switching to with 2 clones, diesel autoflower, and green crack seedlings. They’re younger, so easier than trying to copy 2mos of pics and data!


Anyone ever see/know what this might be? With the slightest touch it fell off.

Also, are these new spiky things pre-flowers? The plants have been on flower schedule for almost a week.

I got girls! Woohoo.

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Flowers forming. I removed most of the wire hooks holding branches outward, so they can grow more vertical. Seems I need to lower SCROG net as it is still 9" above tops.

The latest on PQ plants 1,2,3. PQ1, at 10 days of flowering, is taller because I didn’t tie branches down to spread, so needing to bend n twist. PQ2,PQ3 at 3 weeks of flowering, forming nice flowers and sugar leaves.


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Almost 3 weeks of flowering now. IDK, but seems they should be larger buds by now.