1st grow progress


the girls are doing great but would like opinions and suggestions for trimming and flowering. Do these need to be trimmed below the canopy? I have topped some colas and they seem to be doing great. I see hairs on one and was wondering when I should put into the flowering stage. I was thinking a few more weeks to allow for a better bud.!



I would say no, not at this point. @hippy4life


Very healthy ladies you have there… :wink:
Minimal changes , if any… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Nice getting a solid start!!


Let them get big. Be judicious about any leaf removal and only if it’s interfering with bud development or air flow is inhibited.


Theyre pretty girls! Let them grow into big girls before switching to flower. You & your yield will be much happier!


Don’t touch them.