1st grow please help not sure what's making these spots

Hi. welcome to the neighborhood. What nutes r u using? Can u get a pic of whole plant?

I’m using bottom 3rd of 5 gal pot mixed with one pound of nature’s living soil auto flower mix and coco loco rest of pot filled with coco loco and I’m amending with compost tea made with unsulpherd molasses and nature’s living soil girl flower power


Looks like nute burn to me. I exerimented with ff tiger bloom and the others. Stupidly I didn’t read the instructions ( got too cocky ) and burnt my plant. Looks exactly the same. Flushed her several times. Still has the burn but the buds look half way decent and has a great smell.

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Thanks bro …that can still be the case with a living soil and 3 others on the same feed schedule not showing any signs ?

I could be 100% wrong but looking at different types of plant issues chart this looks like a mid grade phososphorus deficiency. Please let me know when you do find out thanks

Is it light burning holes or is or nute burn seems like nute burn I’d try to dial the nutes down maybe try a flush idk

What’s your method to flushing

@ChaddyDaddy I just flush with straight water until i get a good run off. I have well water si make sure your water is ph’d. Mine is a constant 6.2 to 6.4.

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Thanks for all the suggestions I raised the lights a little gave Epsom salt and a strong tea looking good now ithink