1st grow planted 2 weeks ago


here is a picture of our first grow. 1st on left is Strawberry Koosh. Middle is Girl Scout Cookie and far right is White Widow.

. any advise on when to transplant to bigger buckets? They are under an aerogarden light that can be raised up. its at its lowest height now. These are only 2 weeks old!


Hey @hippy4life!

Here’s some info from ILGM:

“Doing it too early would be devastating for your tender seedlings, so you must act with caution. Once you suddenly are seeing faster growth of leaves as well as a firmer stem. You can test the firmness of the stem by grabbing it with your hand (gently) without doing any damage to it. If these things are happening to your young plants, they have officially entered the vegetative growth stage of their life.

You can, of course, begin the growing season a bit earlier by using peat plugs. This is ideal for growers who are located in climates where the growing season is naturally shorter.

If you do go with peat plugs, make sure you are always aware of the mesh perimeters and whether root tendrils are emerging from underneath them. As soon as you see this you will need to transplant the seedlings into a bigger container or else into the ground outdoors. If you don’t, the growth of your plant could remain stunted forever.“

Hope that helps! Good luck on your grow! :sunglasses:


Here are some stages of transplantable plants


they are in small peat pots that are in plastic containers with large slits that sit down in the circulating water. there are roots coming out of the peat part and into the water.


When the plant is 2-3 inches tall, with 4 leaves, and roots start to show thru the sides of the cubes. This usually takes 1-3 weeks.


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You can make the holes slightly bigger to help roots grow down


the girls are coming along rather nicely after potting in larger pots. germinated 3 more but sadly the GSC did not make it. Opened the peat pot and there were tiny white worms :frowning: so destroyed the seedling. Any tips on when to prune? I would like to clone a few off the cuttings.


bucket to far left is strawberry kush. middle bucket is girl scout cookie and bucket on the right is white widow. germinated 9/20