1st grow/ outdoor NorthLights/candy kush

This is my first time growing let alone trying to do it outdoors. I have very little knowledge other than what I have read on here and what @GenghisRon has taught me. Just looking for advice and input of any kind thanks for the support.

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You might want to clear out around the plant.

Last year Karla started some plants right up against where the woods meet the yard.

The plants recieved the light all the way until noon and then they fell into the shadow of the large growth behind them. When we harvested, the “dark” side of the plants suffered for that placement.

This year she is placing the plants more in the open and spreading the plants out from each other.


@oldmarine thank you for that. I have trimmed back some since that picture was taken but that is a very good point I didn’t think about that cuz during the middle of the day they seem to be getting enough sun but now that you say that I’m sure the duration is suffering a little because of surrounding vegetation. Thank you :pray:

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I am also concerned that I am not supporting my plants well enough or properly. I think the placement of my stakes is alright but how does everyone else ties their plants to the stakes to support them/ train them

@Cannabian grows in green houses and @repins12 is/was an outdoor grower as well.


Thank you I could use any advice I just trimmed back some more brush and took a few more pics will post in a few


@Indicorski you want trees or bushes?

What are you wanting to know? How may I ve of assistance?

Buy some rancher wire… or you can use pickets and wrap scrog style netting around them, then pull the branches through the squares. The more expensive but clearly the best method is caging with rancher wire.

The more sun and water with large root area, the bigger and faster your plants will grow.

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Thank you for your replies I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I really appreciate all the feedback. Luckily they are getting plenty of rain right now but I don’t think they are getting quite enough sun. They are in a decent spot and the sun is directly on them but not for a long enough portion of the day and right now they are in openings in the woods so in order to extend the duration of sun is have to do some fairly serious tree trimming. Next time I wi be able to plan better and hopefully find a better place with more sun. I am happy to report all the leaves have recovered well from transplant a few weeks ago and they have doubled in height or more since then as well. I already have to adjust t he stakes and support ties because they grew faster than I expected I will post more pics later today. Thank you again .

Whatever you’re doing your plants are really pretty and look nice! Good job and keep it up! Not bad at all for your first grow!

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Thank you I had a lot of help I really appreciate you saying that!

@ GenghisRon

I got some CaMg from a friend but I don’t remember the ratio and I don’t have the original bottle I believe it’s 1tsp per gallon but any one have and input ? Also I know I have to add CaMg before I test/adjust for ph any other considerations? Water temp is just air temp currently

It is getting close to that time can anyone tell me if this is bud rot?

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