1st grow nutrients problems or something else?

I’m growing Crescendo RBx1 and noticed some spots today only on one plant. I use a 50/50 mix of Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Fish in 5 gallon root bags. Last week I started using a half dose(5 mls) of Fox Farm Grow Big fertilizer and a little of the Fox Farm Big Bloom fertilizer. I also use General Hydroponic pH down in the water. I following the directions of watering with fertilizer every other watering . My ppm were a bit high of about 834 on the first and second watering with the fertilizer water. My ppm with none fertilizer water is between 146 and 200 . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Can’t see much under that rave light. Can you take some pictures in natural light or using a flash, and include pictures of the whole plant?

5ml to one gallon and you used the whole gallon on her? PPM in seems fine, you really want to check her PPM out using runoff water.

What’s your water pH going in?

Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t use the whole gallon on her. I test the soil pH this morning and the pH was between 7 and 8 this morning. I read some articles on here about the soil pH being to high and causing nutrients not to be absorb so I flushed. I test the ppm of the runoff from the flush and it was 3400 to start. Flushed with a gallon and got the ppm down to 2400.

I try get the water going in to be 6.5 but always between 6 and 7

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@kellydans @beardless, can you chime in with your experience :slight_smile:

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No prob, just paying it forward. I learn so much here, you will too.

I spend the extra time to get my pH to exactly 6.5 every water/feed in.

Welcome to the community ! I noticed you said you were using pH Down. Normally when you add nutes to water it drives pH Down. And use PH up to get back to the Sweet Spot. Also may I ask if you have a good pH meter ?


I have a digital pH meter but I think I need to re-calibrate it. I have been use drops to test my pH. I’ll start getting the pH to 6.5 from now on. Thanks again


I am not much of a plant doctor. I try to rely on good practices. When I first saw the recent photos the first thought was over watering because of the leaf drop. But your flushing probably answers that. @Zee was right on about ph. You may even have to decrease input ph below 6.5 if your runoff stays high. Monitor and see where you are at after a couple of waterings. The other thing is easy on the nutrients. She is young and does does not have a high demand beyond what the soil provides. I don’t use happy frog and not familiar with ocean fish (or is it ocean forest which I do use). Ocean forest will carry a plant for 5 - 6 weeks before needing much else except possibly CalMag.


First I would start by verifying my pH meter with a clean fresh bottle of 7 solution. If it’s off and not reading exactly 7 pH I would do a 2-point calibration with 4 pH solution and 7 pH solution .


Thanks for the reply. My tap water has a pH of 10.44. When I nutes to the water would take the pH down to between 7 and 8. I got the ppm and pH meter off amazon as a two pack. I don’t know if it a good meter or not

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Thanks for the reply

Should I hold off nutrients in water for those couple of waterings? My bad it is ocean forest not ocean fish.

I think overall your plant looks good. As mentioned if you’re in Ocean forest soil you really shouldn’t need to feed till you get close to flower time. I would just pH my water going in at 6.5 right now, that size plant should not need more than a quart of water every 2-3 days. Also you really need to buy a good pH meter your looking at about fifty bucks to get something you can depend on. You can get by with a cheaper PPM meter.
Apera and also bluelab makes a good pH meter . Cheap PH meters you’re going to always be chasing the calibration. Thanks for the tag @Zee


YES you do not want to burn them up. They really will let you know when it is time.


Okay I’ll stop use the nutrients till it get closer to flowering. That’s about the amount of water I have been giving per watering. I’ll buy a good pH meter and thank you for the names of some good ones. Thanks for everyone’s help @zee, @kellydans, and @beardless


Personally I like the apera ph 60 model. I do believe when you get a good meter and start checking your water and your solution , you’ll find out your previous numbers was probably off. just my thoughts give us a follow-up when you get your new Meter. Good luck


Same thing happened to me…love the Apera brand.


Good meter for the money, I just bought me a replaceable probe for my meter just stuck in up. one day I will need it. If it was normal times I would not have purchased ,but the way it takes forever to get something in the mail now I don’t want to get caught with my pants down.


I just upgraded ph and ppm meters. Went with apera ph20 kit. Went to calibrate w/ 7.0 solution. Right on and did not have to go any further. And went with bluelab conductivity meter. The apera is much faster than my other pen. The bluelab is a little cumbersome going between ppm and EC but will get used to it.


If your apera pH meter ever starts to get a little slow put new batteries in it.

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Something is wrong. If you are flushing a baby plant like that and seeing 3400 and 2400 run off, then something is wrong. So, that could mean that you put a lot of nutrients in that soil - and I’ve not read really the entire thread…but this is what I see.

  1. If you are flushing and seeing 3400ppm or even 2400 during VEG, something is wrong. I am between 900-1100 after week 6 of flower and get it to 100! So, dig deeper into what’s going on there.

  2. If I look at that, it looks like a K deficiency starting (very early) or a bad mix of K + Cal + Mag ratio blocking it out. (ie: not a 4 to 2 to 1 ratio).

Your soil should be 7.0 — your PH should be between 5.90 and 6.20. P and K and N get in easily, so you don’t have a PH issue, and even at 7, you’d have N, P, K, Cal, Mag all getting in there without issue … if it were really low (5.5), then you’d have these deficiencies, so it’s not a PH issue.

So, I think it’s either, You are putting TOO MUCH into that soil (what’s in it?) or putting a bad mix of stuff in (What are you putting in those)?