1st Grow. Northern Lights XXL Auto by 00 Seeds Bank

I ordered my tent and while it was shipping I germinated some BagSeeds to practice with. Using dirt from the yard while I assembled everything. It took me awhile to gather all my stuff, so I ended up growing 2 of the bagseed plants to flower. I had terrible drainage issues, over watering, nute burn, nute lockout. It was terrible. I ended up harvesting about a mason jar from each of the 2 plants. About 40 grams. I didn’t really care because it was an experiment while I gathered stuff.

This is my official real grow with everything I want and good genetics and a name I can call it instead of bagseed.


Day 13

Starting to see more growth now. Of course the 3 set of leaves plant (left side) is growing faster than the other. I figured it would.

Day 18 - Starting to take off.

@Thisguy352 This is my grow journal.

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Looking good!

Transplant Day (night)

Transplant night. Mixed Azos (2Tb) and DTE Root Growth (1 Tb) with 1 cup of water for each plant and applied with syringe directly to root ball after taking plant out of pot. Sprinkled 1 Tb of Mykos into transplant hole. Watered in with 500ml of well water.

Day after Transplant

Looking good after transplant. 28 Days old now.

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LST day.

30 Days old

Day 30 - LST day. Pinched and rolled stem between thumb and forefinger to soften stem, then bent it over and tied it down. Nothing broke.

Niiiiiice setup!!! :star_struck:

Day 35

Day 35 -
Fed ¼ Gallon of well water with ¼ strength nutes. Plants looking good… NO burn or any other signs of problems. This is FIRST FEEDING EVER.

Tweeked the LST and tightened some down, tied down more, added main stem counter pull to keep it straight. Canopy is looking pretty even ATM.


Increasing fertigation rate to daily. Increasing amount from 1 Qt ea to 1/2 gallon each.