1st Grow. Northern Lights XXL Auto by 00 Seeds Bank

This is my first grow.

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Looks like a setup for success! Good luck!


I finally assembled all my nutrients and amendments. TDS and pH meters. Reverse Osmosis with De-ionization system installed.

Container Size: 5 Gal Vivosun Fabric Pot X2

Name / Amount
Medium: FFOF 20%, Coco Coir 40%, Perlite 40%

Name / Amount
Starter Mix 3-3-3 – 2 cups
Bone Meal 3-15-0 – 1 cup
Blood Meal 12-0-1 – .5 cup
Bat Guano 7-3-1 – 1 cup
Crab Meal 4-3-0 – 1.25 cup
Langbeinite 0-0-22 – 1 cup
Gran. Humic Acids – 1 cup
Azomite – .5 LB
Azos – Add to transplant hole
Mykos – .25 cup
Epsom Salt – .25 cup

Made 14 Gallons, or just shy of 2 cubic feet (1.87 Cubic Feet)
Soil mix has been cooking for 2.5 weeks.

Date Sprouted: 08/18/20
Date Planted: 08/19/20

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Seeds were soaked in a coffee cup with a weak dosage of Root Growth Enhancer for ~18 hours.

After they cracked, the water was poured out onto a paper towel and seeds placed between folds of that paper towel. Excess water removed so towel was not dripping, but was nice and wet. This was then placed into a zip lock bag and ‘clam’ shelled between two paper plates and put above my fridge (for warmth) over night.

The next morning the seeds had about a 5-7 mm tail. This was then planted into my 6" 1.5 Quart Pot with the same soil that will be in my 5 gallon pots. Seeds were watered in with a weak mixture of RapidStart (1/2 Strength) RGE and Recharge. Each was given 50ml of this solution.

Pots put in propagation dome and placed in tent with lights off for 24 hours. Target humidity: 65-75% Target Temp: 72-79

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Recharge is mostly used at this stage to feed the microbes and fungus. Recharge has molasses built into the mix.

I know most everyone says to not transplant Autoflowers, just plant them into final pot size from seed. However I’m afraid I will either over-water the big pot, or it will dry out. I have chosen a decent sized pot that is plastic so it should just slide out when it’s time. This pot is quite unique as it has legs that can wick up water if there is any in the saucer. I actually tested this pot on a bagseed and I TRIED to over-water it, left the saucer full of fluid and it not only didn’t over-water, it seemed to thrive.

It will be going into the exact same soil mixture. So I think I can do it without causing any transplant shock.


Day 2. One has popped it’s head above ground.


You would think you have been at it for a while given your inventory :sunglasses:


Holy crap, so this is what it looks like when someone who prepares for things starts a grow huh? :joy::joy:. You’re set up for success brother, good luck I’ll be following along!


Day 4 - Fed 1/2 Quart with 1/4 strength ReCharge to each plant. Fed to run off, left run off in plant saucer. Why?

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Day 5
I’ve never seen a plant with 3 cotyledon leaves and 3 starter leaves.


Great start! Make sure you don’t let her set in runoff water.

I’ve never had one start with 3 leaves. See how she grows, for now.

Day 11
I’m getting worried they are not growing fast enough. @smokysmurf @Skydiver @beardless Do these look small for almost 2 weeks old? They don’t seem to be stretching at all. I have my lights at the very top of the tent as far as I can get them. I even covered my propagation hood with a layer of paper towel for days 2-4 to block the light. They don’t look unhealthy, just no stretch.

Nice collection of organic nutrients etc.
Good luck with the grow!
one thing I would mention is if you want to keep a healthy critter soil food Web those products like the PH up and PH down aren’t critter friendly (chemical - made in a lab stuff) I use citric acid (cheap at Walmart etc in the canning section) for PH down and use Potassium bicarbonate which is from earth juice PH up if needed to adjust the feed water. I haven’t used either in quite awhile as I use RO water for feeding and with a healthy living soil I don’t bother to check ph anymore of what I feed. It’s good to do that if needed and in the beginning to learn about doing it etc.
One of the best suggestions I can make is to get yourself a worm bin set up to create your own worm castings that you can use to inoculate your soil with all the life that comes with it such as springtails and little worm bin mites etc that all work together along with the red wigglers in the grow bags soil to help eat the natural nutrients you use along with the micro herd of bacteria and fungi that eat it and then poop out the Exudates that are then available to the roots of the plant to take up.
I have used and do use bagged worm castings as well as my bin doesn’t produce enough to cover all my needs and it may have micro critters (bacteria etc) in it but doesn’t have the bigger ones like in my bins so I at least will add a dose of my worm castings along with worms etc into the pots and feed them scraps. It’s cool to see the life in those pots when you move back the mulch…worms…springtails and little crawling worm bin mites all eating and pooping good stuff into the soil.
Small pots are more difficult to maintain for me anyway to keep the worms and other critters happy with enough constant moisture at the top and throughout the soil profile. I’m currently figuring things out and have 3 45 gallon containers being readied for another round (2 of them will be my third grow in them and one it’s second grow all no till) using no till and amending them with nutrients and adding worm castings and critters and worms from my bin and keeping it moist with a mulch on top of both straw and old leaves from my plants as well as adding kitchen scraps to the soil for the critters to eat just like in my worm bin.
I have also ran 3, 5 and 7 gallon pots re amended no till for second grows with some working great and others I had challenges figuring out how to amend them.
Worm bin…

45 gallon recycling inside tent for next round…see the tomatoes growing …was from kitchen scraps lol…

All the pots in here are on their second runs except one…having some issues but they will finish fine.

Another 45 gallon pot recycling for another run sitting outside the tent…Second pic is after pulling back the mulch layer there are some worms visible and small white specks…some are springtails some are nutrients. Smells wonderful and healthy.

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They are concentrating on establishing a good root system and then they will work on top growth.
I don’t try and get them to stretch at this stage by moving light way high.

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How bad is your fungus gnats? @Skydiver

I fed them RapidStart, Azos and Root Growth Enhancer today. Hopefully that will turbo charge the roots.

I would not be concerned. They are just getting established and will take off soon. NL are predominately indica so that will play a large part too.

I have some fungus gnats but they are in balance and am not worried about them. I do sprinkle mosquito bits on top every now and then.

I didn’t think mine would ever grow once they broke soil. From what I know (which isn’t much since I only have one grow under my belt) you don’t want too much stretching. I ended up burying most of the stem when I transplanted.

Is this your first grow ever or just your first NL grow?

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