1st grow - newbie mistakes

1st time growing. White widow fem and og kush fem. Og kush leafs seem to be dying slowly one at a time. I added 1/4 dose of FF GROW 4 weeks in and I’m thinking it’s nutrient lock? I flushed soil multiple times.

Plant: Og kush
Medium: potting soil/ mericle grow gardening soil mixed
Water: light mist daily to keep soil moist
Ph: 7.0 (ish)
Soil test says low-med N, high potash & pho.
Added compost tea 2x per week (spinach & worm cast)
Plants also seem to be growing relatively slow compared to others on this sight.
Plants are outside most of the day with about 5 hours direct sunlight.
Temp is between 70 - 95 degrees
Humidity ranges but mostly dry.

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Idk man maybe I’m wrong …but the seed has all it needs for the first 4 weeks of life …nutes and flushing?? Just my opinion …your trying to do too much that’s unnecessary until you see a deficiency …


It doesn’t need any food, don’t give any nutrients in soil. Until you see deficiencies and those won’t come until roughly week 4 or later with a appropate sized plant.

Water should always be 6.5 for soil so bad PH can cause slow growth, however soil buffers PH so try to PH your water going forward if it’s over 150ppm.
Is the water clear of chlorine? A carbon rv filter or letting it sit out for 24hr will work.

Dont mist, causes more issues then it fixes. Water goes in the soil.

Dome your plant, young plants really need high humidity their leaf surface is sooo small it struggles to breath in dry conditions due to vapor density. Learn about VPD it will help you understand this.

5hr of sunlight is not very much for cannabis they need alot more but maybe you mean direct sunlight. It needs light for 16hr a day while growing at least.

Many people start plants inside or in a greenhouse and then transplant outside when they are bigger and stronger, your first shot looks like it’s outside?

Thankfully you have photos so you can have a veryong veg time and learn.

Your solo cups are so small that you will need to PH your water, it’s not enough soil as if it was outside in the ground, to buffer the water.
Also do not use Scotts Miracle-Gro it has nitrogen pellets in it that overload plants with nitrogen.

You want anything that doest say “feeds for 6 months!” or something like that your best bet is a local soil or an organic mix to avoid these issues.
If you have nutrients though I would suggest you get coco and perlite, growing in soil is slow and full of disadvantages like bugs as well as in the end you use nutrients anyways.


Think adding nutes at this stage might be a bit too much :frowning: , wait until the veg stage as far as I’m aware that’s the best thing to do, they usually take care of themselves. By the way how intense is the sunlight, if it’s rather intense maybe keep them in a shaded area so you can harden them off gradually.

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Thanks everyone. Sounds like I need to be patient and hold off on the nuts and probably re-think my soil choice and re-think the grow environment for the seedling stage.

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