1st grow, need help with pests and probably other things too

@HornHead I’m one of those rare people. I don’t have withdrawal symptoms nor addiction either. I counted my lucky stars that I don’t. Even Oxycodone doesn’t even work on me. Glad for that as well. I’ve known plenty that have almost died from withdrawals.

A good friend of mine is one that almost died 3 times. Luckily he was in a hospital for each one or he probably wouldn’t be here.


@anon10715952 Here is something important to have saved. Especially if you ever need help with a problem. :+1:


Both of those could potentially crush your grow long before you have to worry about mold. Especially this time of year. Do your best to get a handle on those right away, and you can work on the other stuff as you go.


I’d get them in a tent, it will certainly help with your pest problem.

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I’m going to attach a couple pics of the site. I have 2 kinds of lights, the main on being a Wakyme 600 watt led. The others are all household 100 watt equivalent daylight led with a reflector. As the flowering stage approaches I change them to soft white. The latest plan was to rearrange the buckets to maximize the lighting from the 600 watt and place the others at a low angle around the outside in order to get light in the lower branches. I have a lumens meter and have been getting best results between 10k and 30k lumens. I also have another 600 watt led on the way.
Within the next few days I’m going to build a 10’x8’x6’2" tent like structure using mylar. I intend to make it bug proof hopefully. Don’t know what to do about ventilation. My budget was around $600 and I guessed my big 3 expenses would be lighting, temperature, and genetics. After my first grow I would build it from there. I have a long way to go lol.

Ok I have a couple of questions. When you say overwatering and fertilizing can crush my grow, is it possible a plant can look really good but never produce a bud? I will upload a pic, hopefully the first, of an ilgm gorilla glue auto that I believe is 8 weeks old. She is bushy and has plenty of potential bud sites but no buds. She’s been through a lot: constant overwatering, probably over fertilized, transplanted several times, cricket attack, general newbie ignorance. I don’t know about runoff tds or ph because I’m trying to let the soil dry out some while getting the lighting adjusted after some redesign of the grow space. Anyways that question is: beautiful plant, high stress, no buds, is that a possibility?
2nd question: I’m looking ahead at my next attempt. I want high quality with minimal investment (I know right?). I have to make up ground I couldn’t afford to lose. I most likely will be using 4 ilgm white widow fem, or 4 gorilla glue auto. Question is I’m considering different methods. I can’t afford fox farms soil right now. Methods I’m considering: something called a hempy bucket, which is basically a cheap hydroponic and I already have everything I need for that. Or an organic soil with a lot of perlite. Both methods involve plastic buckets with holes. Using a different site with better climate control, better air, no pests or relatives lol. Which is the best option for my goal? I realize I’m asking for opinion. Thank you all for your patience with me.


What lighting schedule is she on? If it is a photo you will need to flip her to 12/12 and the 12 off needs to be total darkness or you will create a lot of other issues.

She’s 12/12 now. Other 2 ladies have begun flower stage so I changed my timer to 12/12.

I wondering if you are harvesting a week or so early

No it’s way too early to harvest. I plan on letting the plants tell me when to harvest by the color of the pistils. I thought the white widow fem was in flower but she’s not yet. The gorilla glue auto definitely is but has a way to go. Trying to force the lone survivor gg auto to flower but I think it’s just a lost cause. My tds meter will be here today or tomorrow. I’m hoping it will be a game changer. I transplanted my little troubled gg auto seedling just for the sake of learning. I’ll upload some more pics later today when I get back from the va.

Ok here is an update with pics. Remember I have 4 plants, in order oldest to youngest: “lone survivor” a gorilla glue auto aged about 9 weeks probably a lost cause; #1 is also a gorilla glue auto aged 6 weeks currently in flower and has my very first bud! #2 is a white widow fem aged 6 weeks, #3 is a gorilla glue auto aged 3 weeks that is also probably a lost cause, but I’m treating her as a learning experience.
Anyway #1 went into flower as soon as I flushed her about a week ago. Looks like she’s doing well. #2 I thought was flowering but wasn’t so I tried my first 'fimming ’ but only did the top and half the side locations. Lone survivor is still gorgeous but no pistils no buds. Anywhere she’s touched breaks so I made some oil from those leaves that knocked my assistant out for about 4 hrs yesterday lol! Now on to #3. I flushed her with 6 gallons of my spring water and even added some limestone and still could not get the ph up higher than 5.2. So I decided to count it a loss and transplanted her into what I know which is red clay surrounded by organic Kellogg’s potting soil, both mixed 2 to 1 with perlite for drainage since I can’t seem to stop the assistant from overwatering. Side note: I’m not dropping anymore seeds except at another place where only I have access. Anyways yesterday I noticed all the old leaves on 3 was severely damaged so I trimmed them. It looks barely a week old now but so far so good. Today I had to remove her from the others because of light timing. She’s back on 18/6. For some reason I find her temporary arrangements hilarious until I make a better solution. Might be that oil I made lol. Should be pic 1 and 2. Pic 3 and 4 should be my first bud and first fimming.