1st grow… need guidance on Harvest Readiness…

Got 2 Girlscout Cookie Auto and 2 Bruce Banners autos (all ILGM), seedlings popped up between 10-11 weeks ago.
*All 3 gallon pots with FoxFarmsoil
*GHIA Green 4-4-4 at start, half 4-4-4 and half 8-2-4 at week 4 and 8-2-4 at week 8.
*4’x5’ tent and

BAT400 light.
It’s either watering day today or it’s turn the lights off for 2 days before chopping. Here’s some pics from new wi-fi digital microscope that I’m still trying to master (sorry pics aren’t cleared)
So with all that said… 2 more weeks or what? :joy::rofl:


She’s getting close. I see some amber, but also some clear and some white pistils.

Some microscope tips…

  1. Turn off the fans
  2. Stabilize the scope - a mic stand works. I made a stand out of a music stand, a guitar stand, a jewel case, and some tape


Thats a beautiful plant. Nice work! It looks good to go to me. Your at the stage where its up to you when you want to harvest. You could harvest some now and harvest some in a week to see what you like. Anyway, its all up to you. Congrats!

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Yeah it sure takes a steady hand… gonna pic through the junk-pile and see if I can set up a stand like that. I’m more concerned about too early harvest than too late… I could use another week or two as my seedling tent is also my drying tent and the little ones aren’t ready for the big tent and transplant from 1gal into 3 gal final resting place. Thanks… love the canopy on your profile banner… and was going to post the “drooling emoji” but it’s gone…:thinking:

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I was thinking of the “take the top colas and let the bottoms boom a little longer”… Im thinking and hopping the can take the stress and give the little nugs a chance… thanks for the encouragement and vote for a “partial harvest”!

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No problem. Yeah thats absolutely doable. Cut the tops now and let the lowers mature. Yes sir absolutely. Party on!