1st grow maybe just paranoid

Ww auto 2 weeks from sprouting got one that really only got 1 leaf drooping and a little bit of leaf curling. Second one the main vains in the leafs looking yellowish to me and look curling too. ph is between 6 on the low side n 7 being the highest grow temp been between 74-80 15208831322151743432724|666x500

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slight over watering let soil dry some more between watering the sag and curl of leafs is hint root zone is staying too wet don’t panic will right itself


Ok thanks will let it dry for a few day longer between watering

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I judge when to water by the weight of the pot. My first grow, I kept an extra pot filled with dry soil so I could use it as a dry comparison weight for the others. After about 4 weeks, I no longer needed the extra pot, and just could tell by picking up a pot if they were dry enough…


Didn’t think bout doing that thanks for the ideal

no problem. Someone told me that when I was starting last year, and for me it worked great. Hope it works out, and remember, there are no set schedules for watering, hotter days I would water every day and half, cooler days I could go up to 4 or 5 days between…