1st grow, making sure I’m doing well

So I’ve started on my first grow and this is my oldest plant. Not sure if it’s a he or a she yet (got this one out of a bag), but it’s 17 days old today.

Basically I’m just trying to make sure it’s color looks okay? I know it’s in a large container but I’ve only been watering around the plant and roots do I don’t think I’ve been overwatering.

It looks like it’s about to pop up with its adult leaves next right?

I’m just lucky this community exists, I’ve learned a lot from you guys.

But the temps are normal (72-79 F) RH is good, never below 40% and never above 60% usually hangs out at 45%. I did accidentally plant this one in Ocean Forest soil because I didn’t realize it had nutrients, but I can’t think of anything else that would cause any issues.

So if you guys could tell me if the color looks good or not it would go a long way to easing my mind.

Thank You


You’re looking great so far. If ocean forest is going to cause problems it does it to sprouts. You are past that so you will be fine. She will start to really grow fast soon. You could go with a little bit higher humidity during vegetation stage. They like it. But once you start flowering you want it back down again.
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Off to a good start looks just fine.

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It’s green which is always great. Looks like it’s drying tho. Up water a bit. I did the same thing, way underwater my first two plants for fear of over watering. This is based off your soil and the near center parts of the leaves, recognize it like it was a month ago. It was. Lol. Other than that looks great. Remember your growing root structure at this point, grow the roots and the fruit will follow.


Looking Solid :sunglasses::muscle:t4:

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Thanks for the tip @Budz !

I was worried about that actually so you were spot on. I’m so terrified of drowning her I’ve still been using a spray bottle as to not over-do it lol

I’ll give her a nice soak next check up.

Thank you all for the compliments too! Feels good to know that I’m on the right track!

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Whe n u get it into flower keep a close eye on her or he for nanners. Usually bag beans like this come with the hermie trait. If only plant ur fine but if more around u moght wanna watch and make sure u dont see any nanners form when it hits flower. Looking pretty solid now tho nice color to it. Whrn u water it keep a nice circle distance away from the stalk and water a circle around the plant not right up to it. Promote the roots to grow out away from the stalk. Watering right at the base lets the plant have what it wants roght away and the roots dont have to move around to find what they need therefore the roots dont grow as mich when directly watering the plant. Im gonna follow along and watch as she grows welcome and good luck


@Mark0427 thank you!

I actually just did a check up and I watered all the seedlings like that!

So here’s an update picture on the unknown plant along with a few pictures of my next two oldest feminized LSD plants. (They’re only 5 days old)

I really appreciate all the suggestions and the interest! I’m glad I’m not in this alone :sweat_smile:


You give off good vibes. I give off asshole vibes, thsts why my journal is mostly me talking to myself


LOL mine is too :rofl:

Its OK though - I mainly keep it for my own reference. If I really need an ego boost in the form of likes I just make a post in the Show Your Buds thread :wink: everyone is very supportive in there even if your buds look like some labrador :rofl:

So an update on the plants.

The original girl (Bessy) was gifted to a friend because I didn’t know the sex and wasn’t feeling risky.

But the other little guy is at 6-8 nodes now, and my current dilemma is: Do I top it, or do I wait a little bit and start LST?

Here’s the pictures, I’m surprised she’s doing as well as she is considering I transplanted her when I shouldn’t have. But she’s thrived.

So I’ll take whatever thoughts I can get. I know if I top it that just means longer veg cycle. But it’s a photoperiod seed so I’ve got time.


Looking good