1st grow-MA-White Widow


Aw jeez. Sorry to hear that. So much for an enjoyable three day holiday. I have to work tomorrow with by traditional Sunday and Monday off. It’s going to rain Sunday, of course. So more movies it is for me. You take care of yourself.


Thanks @BobWags, I appreciate you my friend. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!


I know I’ve been MIA here since Provi died last year. In another 3 days it will have been one year. One year of mourning is traditional. That being said my plants are now heading into week 3 of flower and they’re looking much healthier than any of the other grows I have done. Again I believe the secret to these plants being so healthy as I just leave them the f— alone. They know what to do.


Good to see you around Bob!! :v:


Thanks @MattyBear Hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. I miss this community.


Missed seeing you around here :wink:


@MattyBear I would stay in contact with more folks if there was a direct message feature here. Not for any reason other than talking to somebody about your daily comings and goings get boring to others on a public forum. On Twitter my daily ramblings prove the boring life of Bob :slight_smile:


I’ve been spending a lot of time in the lab forum and we can PM there so I’ve got to know a lot of my grow family on a personal level. :v:


@MattyBear Lab forum? I have no clue what that is. Shows you how much I pay attention. Is it part of this site?


@MattyBear. Ok I just read up on it. Unfortunately the finances are not in a spot where I can do it at the moment. Possibly in the future.


Yeah, the lab side is more of a family vibe. What you said you’re looking for, so when you’re able to, I think you would enjoy it over there :wink::v:


Only a couple of weeks from Harvest. Coming along nicely however several of the plants have yellowed up like a sugar maple at the end of autumn. Leaves are crisping and curling upward and inward. Only one plant is staying all green which is a little confusing since I treat all of them equally. I’m not worried. Maybe two more weeks to go and they will be cut down.


Those photos turned out weird looking to me. Half cropped. Maybe they will end up whole but I’m too tired to investigate.


Here it is nearly two years later and I have four or five grows under my belt. I look at this post and laugh like hell that I’m worried about a tiny brown tip. Leaves brown all the time and I just let them die and fall off without paying much attention at all. Funny the small things you panic about when you first start growing.


Well this post showed up in the wrong place. I was replying to my own post from my first grow. It was a little brown tip of my first tiny plant and I was freaking out about it. I don’t know what I did to make it end up here. Well, that old question comes to mind right now: Why do you think they call it dope?