1st Grow, LED's 4x4 and Blue Dream


Nice grow @renaissanceman I am only about 2 weeks behind you and will be flipping to flower in 5 days (April Fools Day).

Your plants look great!:+1::grin:


Thanks! I’m getting the sense I might have turned these over sooner or did more pruning to get them ready for SCROG earlier. Lesson learned (that’s why we grow right?). Guess I could just change the light schedule and see how it goes at this point but it doesn’t seem like I’d have as much fun.


Looking great! Getting to the fun part soon!


I just lost my free time for any light building. Doing LED research for a second flowering light.

Might just add a second Viparspectra 900W. Considering a 1200W. VERY undecided.

Canopy penetration should be a no-issue if I’m doing SCROG yes? I just need full 4x4 coverage (with a plan to cover a second tent as much as possible with the new light in the future…hence the 1200).



Oh man…so you know those lessons that stick with you best? You know…the ones where you really mess up…right.

Recovering nutrient burn on the front right plant (that was my best grower…so…rest are catching up…yay?)…was NOT paying attention to sediment in a bucket for watering. Plant is recovering and we’re still moving along.

SCROG setup at 29-30". Working on the fill-in. Is this taking longer? Yes…because I’m learning. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hopefully I can knock off time next time: (clones started for next time in the rear…that’s some time off), early training and focus on upward growth to SCROG layer first (more time off).

Fingers crossed to have this filled out in 30 days and ready to shift to flower.


I am the slowest grower ever. 19 June update.


One more.


Maybe slow, but you’re plants are beautiful! Nice job :v:


I think most of us could slow down a little with our grows. :slight_smile: Patience is a blessing in this endeavor.


Slowest grower to “stretchiest”. Annoying.


Weekly update.

Pulled some feeding volume (looks like it might have been high).

Also, I added Maxi Blumats for watering during flowering. I’m traveling quite a bit and need weekly watering coverage. 25 gallon water tank for the maxi’s and another 5 gallon for the normal ones I already have in the buckets (2-3 per plant).


Real sorry I lost base with you. It’s difficult to follow threads without any notifications, my apologies.

Where you at with the lights? If you get into the time to look at building again or have questions, just tag me and I’ll be happy to help.


Had to run out of town and leave the grow for a week. Water was mostly ok…obviously have some fertilizer issues.


Weekly update (pic from other door). Rebuilt my exhaust (house was getting stinky as I had the blower going into the tent vs. pulling air out…leaks).