1st Grow, LED's 4x4 and Blue Dream

I kicked my first grow off a bit ago and am just now starting to post. Hey…less for you to wait for.

The starting setup:

Blue Dream seeds: 18W CFL box

Veg setup:
4x4x7 grow tent
Vivapar 900w
10gallon fabric pots
random carbon filter and 4" duct fan @ 130CFM air movement


13 Jan

17 Jan

25 Jan


2 Feb

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March 2. (grow started ~Jan 13)

Feels like I made a huge mistake on waiting to move to the larger pots (as in I should have moved sooner). 10 gallon fabric pots.


Looking good!

I would consider starting to save now for another light when you get to flower. You will easily fill your entire 4x4 tent with those 4 plants and your current light, which I assume is this one:

Has a flower foot print of 3’x3’ at 24"… and that’s the maximum foot print, not the ideal one (IMHO). Two of them can probably get you home with some nice bud.


we live and learn @renaissanceman ,they still look to be in good shape…
welcome to the forum,and i’ll be watching…
you have a good start for sure!

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Thanks All!

The lighting has definitely been on my mind. I did what most of us do when starting out…the best I knew of with limited information (i.e. amazon research and some googling).

Mar 11


20 Mar - finally caught up!


That’s the one I have, viparspecta 900W (the square one).

I certainly see that I need to do something different. Ideas appreciated. Rather not shift to 2 tents and another 4 lights…right now . But, new light setup ideas greatly appreciated.


I think the light you picked was a smart choice, considering the options. I didn’t pick such a smart choice when I started. :smiley:

If I were in your shoes right now I’d probably finish this grow with that light and see how it goes. That being said, when I was in your shoes, I ended up buying a second light about halfway through flower and finishing that grow with it, then using both of them through veg on my second grow before building out my own LEDs with @dbrn32’s help…and now I have two tents. Heh.

Anyway with the one light you have you’ll get to harvest and have plenty of good cannabis flower as a result, IMHO, but your weight might not be where it could be with a little more juice. This hobby (especially the indoor variety) has a way of being a serious money pit, so having a game plan is a good way to try and keep it under control. :smiley:

And as always it depends on how much money you have.


i had to fight off the urge to buy an ez-cloner today @Bogleg @renaissanceman it hasn’t been easy…lol
until i thought about how that $$$$ would go better towards more lighting…lol


That is a beautiful photo!!!

The blue lighting really encapsulates the plants and brings about a certain “” mood “”.

Your grow looks great!!!:smiley::+1:

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You can diy that at substantial savings too bro!


If building a light is an option, it will certainly be the most performance for your dollar. It’s not as difficult as most think with the modern components. If that’s a little more than you want to take on, we can still point you in the direction of solid ready to run fixtures.

@WillyJ talked me into using my rapid rooters and t-5 light…
still kinda waiting on chill to put up more info on the pucks…lol


Sweet! Check YouTube for diy aero cloner. I seen a pretty solid option for probably $30-40.

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Building a light is an option. I’m handy…I just need to find time and energy to do it.

Eventually what I need is something I’m comfortable leaving alone for up to 10 days at a time when I’m traveling. So, watering system plus lights that are ‘safe’.

I’d also rather maximize my yield against light (while balancing my electric costs). i.e greater efficiency…up to a point is always good…assuming if I get tired of growing, or can’t for some reason…I’ll be able to sell lights, etc.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving in the next year. If I do this setup will most likely transition to a basement setup that’s sealed and larger for some expansion.

3/28 update. Just shifted my light up before this picture and turned a few plants around. I’ve got a laggard unfortunately and one that just really likes growing…topped once and everything.

The string is at 30", planned SCROG height. Looks like I need to get the SCROG built this week.

These are gonna TAKE OVER my tent. #shouldhavegrown2