1st grow, "KISS" method down the drain

I just thought I’d start them indoors and put them outside after Easter. Ha! It’s getting complicated, so I’m starting a journal to help me keep track.

Here’s where it’s at: five weeks from sprout, and I’m running out of room in my using-what-I-can-find-around-the-house setup. Out of ten ILGM WW fem seeds, eight survived this far, which is way more than I expected. Six look strong, two are still weirdly tiny but I keep reading “you never know what’ll happen!” so I haven’t culled them.

Instead, to make room, I’m putting three in to flower in a second setup. Too early? Yeah. But… Idano, better than giving up entire plants, maybe. So!

Setup 1: spare bedroom, 64 watt t5 “daylight” fluorescent lamp with bonus light on my special needs girls on 18/6. These are the ones I’ll try to get outside to harvest in the fall.

Setup 2: other spare bedroom, in the closet. 120 watt fluorescent daylight lamp on 12/12. They’ll be small, but it could give me practice with flowering and harvest before the outside plants are ready.

They’re in Happy Frog soil. Haven’t had nutrient or pH issues yet.

Fingers crossed! :nerd_face:
I’d appreciate any observations or suggestions from you experts out there.


Because I’m looking forward to it so much: this is the room I’ll use to transition the outdoor plants and acclimate them to natural light. Uninsulated and unheated but southfacing with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, it’s 75 degrees – warmer than the rest of my house! – even now when it’s 24 outside, with well over a foot of fresh snow.

It cries out for marijuana plants. Freezes overnight, though, so it’ll be a few more weeks before I trust my girls out here.


I love it!

Very Nice @Lia That room looks like a perfect nursery for your ladies. The light for Setup 1 is great for the veg stage. You can control how big they get by keeping the bulb farther away or nearer. Farther will stretch the plants and nearer will keep them shorter. The daylight fluorescent lamp in Setup 2 will surely work. If you can get a cool bulb 2.7K vs the 5000 or 6500 daylight it will flower a lot better.

Other than that, recommend a pH meter and PPM meter for the indoor plants especially. Keeping the pH in the right range is essential in keeping the plants healthy and the buds big ! Envious of you being able to grow outside. Can’t do it in TX and especially where I live. Good luck on your grow. Jerry

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Here’s a lesson well learned.

Transplanted the second tiniest plant yesterday, and today she’s so happy!

So I also transplanted Miss Teeny Tiny. Hopefully she’ll perk up, too.

This also means that Big Sister would probably benefit majorly from a transplant. But I need to buy a new pot, so that won’t be today.


@lia she’ll get happy. was she droopy before the transplant? Maybe a dome over her for a couple of hours and a mist of ph water?


I agree with @TxGrowman on the bulbs for #2 set up 2700k for flower would be best
Looks a little early to flower them but as you said better then loosing them
If I can ask if you had two light setups why not veg both ? Just curious not questioning you FYI
They look good otherwise and welcome to the party glad to see you started a journal will be following along with the rest of the peeps
That back room looks like it will be great for the girls once you can get them out there
Happy growing :+1::v:CB

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Did you use Mycos when you transplanted ? It helps the roots immensely !

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I am in my first grow and started with the wws fem. i planted 10 and all ten came up but one died right after popping up. i did a dumb thing and started five then when they looked ok did five more. so all my plants are diff sizes. but like you one is small compared to the others i planted. i didn’t do a journal either but when i watered and fertilized i did them all the same so im not sure about the small one. ive been trying diff things now im putting it under a light and giving it more than what its use to hoping it will catch up. i like you, did things a little unconventional using the things in the house and a closet to grow in. these guys have it right though and next grow will be a little more like they do it. im using compact fluorescent 100 w bulbs right now i have 9 of them. i went to home depot and bought these reflector light fixture for 7 dollars each they clamp on and adjust so its good for what im doing. originally i bought a house lamp with five sockets and am hanging it sideways. my grow space needs some work i think i am planning to buy more of the clamp fixtures this gives me the option of raising and lowering each light. from reading here it seems the indoor grow is all about the lighting. oh and also the cfl lights don’t heat your space up that much. hope this helps.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I thought about keeping the second setup at 18/6, but I won’t have space for all 8 outdoors anyway. Maybe 6 will fit, 4 would be better.

@bob31 That plant has always been weird. Small, droopy, but very slowly growing. I thought for sure she’d die weeks ago. :thinking:

@TxGrowman thanks for the light suggestion. I’ll look into what fits in this lamp. I did get a pH meter because of everything I read here. So far, steady 6.5 across the board.

@fwn54 CFLs puts out almost no heat, happily. I never intended to grow them indoors anyway, just give them a nice start and then let nature take over! I was trying not to buy a lot of new stuff I may or may not use again, but that plan isn’t working out so well. OTOH, it’s a pretty great project and I’m already thinking about how I’ll do the next grow… :nerd_face:


FFR, I transplanted this girl last weekend because she was turning purple, and banged the roots all up. Amazed she survived at all, but her bottom leaves started turning yellow right after. But the rest of the leaves are growing, and even the site where I topped her has some action. The purple still comes and goes with watering, though pH is still around 6.5

Pic to compare in the future:

like I said im new first grow, I think the advantage to grow indoors is the speed of the flowering. outdoor takes at least 6 months. and I thought the same as you I used old lamps and a drop light at first, it just depends on what you want. me I want quality stuff without having to deal with the people it takes to get it. if there was a store here I would do that. im terrible at growing. so with that in mind to get what I want I decided to start making purchases. like a timer for lights. then the cfl lights then new fixtures next grow im investing in a grow tent. and maybe the led lighting. right now I have 11 plants growing 2 which I don’t know what they are and started them when I read in here awhile. anyway there are lots of people here that know this stuff. be sure before you buy anything to ask first. like one of the important things is ph of the soil. I bought two soil ph meters before I figured out that I needed a water ph meter to check run off. all the things I have gotten are kind of cheap but I think overall will help the process. hope this helps.

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Hey @Lia, don’t worry about the “Purple” thing goin on, its mostly just a genetic plant thing, any way to keep this even simpler, as I am also an Outdoor grower, invest in some “Garden Safe Fungicide 3”, its an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. Get it at Lowes, or online about $8, Totally worth it, I use mine about every 2-3 days.
Keep the questions coming, yer doin fine <*)))><{

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Expensive day. Repotted big sister (new pot and new bag of soil). Transplant went smoothly, kept the roots intact, should be a big upgrade for her.

and I had to replace my humidifier b/c the motor burned out. New one’s much nicer – so quiet!

But the really awesome news is that Miss Teeny Tiny Droopy is loving her new pot, and already perking up.

The setup should be stable for the next couple of weeks. By the time I have to move or transplant anything else, we should be ready for the sunroom.


Yayyyyy look at her so happy to be able to stretch her legs lol
Looking good

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My smallest plants grew more over the weekend than they did in all their four weeks of life up til then!

And big sister loves her big new pot.

All is well, and I’m weighing the value of buying bigger pots for the littlest girls, as opposed to putting them straight from medium pots into the ground. We’ll see how they look in a week or two.


We usually keep the second setup room closed, as it’s got the fancy old farmhouse heat system of A Hole in the Floor. We’re leaving it open and added a space heater, and these two things means my cat loves it in there. So I put a baby gate in front of the closet doorway to keep her from exploring.


I love that when I get home from work, I can see a difference in my plants. And I love the sweet herbal smell they give their room.

It turns out I really do love growing marijuana!


Support Ticket!

WW fem

Happy frog soil in pots

System type? NA
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
pH of soil 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix?


Light system, size?
120 total watt fluorescent, 12/12



Ventilation system
Open closet, fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier

Co2; NA

Light burn?

@Lia good morning!

Looks like a tiny bit of nutrient burn? Happy Frog is a nutrient rich soil and they do burn a touch on many grows.

Are you giving nutrients?

Light burn? Hold you hand over the plants and make sure they aren’t hot.

Also for lights you should be on an 18/6 minimum or you’re going to induce flowering much too soon.