1st Grow Journal: White Widow fem. in 4x4 tent with 240w qb

Week 10: I just accidentally watered them without adjusting the ph today, So I went ahead and flushed them with ph 6.7-6.8. It was a big mess but I think they needed it. I also topped up the soil with the last of what I had. I did some more defoliating and tried to get all the little buds that don’t look like they will grow into anything big, but I know I missed quite a few. It gets hot working in the fields lol

I lifted the lid to see this huge surprise! I see a small piece of black on the bottom of one of the roots though so I cut it off. Hopefully that was a good call? I’m betting I need some kind of anti root rot or something? My water is not good.

Week 11:
I decided to move the clone into the tent a day after this pic.

Week 12: Flushed them yesterday

Week 13: My plan is to feed them 2 more times this week, then I’m going to just use water for 2 weeks and harvest.

I decided to cut off some buds now to start drying and curing to have to smoke on harvest day so I don’t feel like I’m doing a bunch of work for nothing.

The plant in the back left corner (plant #3) had some weight to it. I used another camera to try to look at the trichomes and I think that one could be cut now or very soon as it seemed to be around 30+% amber, but I want to at least flush it for a week first.

left is from plant #3 (back left), right is from plant #1 (back right)

left is from plant #4 (front left), right is from plant #3 (back left)

Week 14: I’m slowly harvesting a few more each night. I don’t want to get overwhelmed. I also removed the net, that thing was a really bad idea for a first grow. I am definitely going to put it aside for the next few grows.

Week 15: Only one plant left standing, I think I had some major nutrient lockout on this plant because after I flushed twice it started growing new white hairs and getting fatter.