1st grow journal GG#4 x10


That’s a happy leaf.


I just do the plastic five gallons no specific reason why though lol. Oh wait I know why, cheap woohoo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:thanks for the reassurance lol


Cool thanks, I’m super protective lol


You’re do great


Latest update it’s been a minute. Three weeks old and doing great. Got a little stress from the heat but that’s unavoidable since the ac went out. Nighttime temps are up to 85. Regardless, at least someone is enjoying the heat and humidity :fire:


Nice you’ll really like that gorilla glue its really sticky and stinky!


Oh yeah, thats y it’s going lol. Last batch I took a little to early and it still put me on my butt for sure!


Girls got their first feeding the other day. Just topped today and a little water. Finally got the temp dialed down wih the ac still out. Hopefully the weather will snap here in a couple days. Running the temps at steady 77f 60-73%


Looking good brotha!


These girls look perfect.


Beautiful :cry:


Got a couple closer ups of the topping. New colas are already taking off on all of them so far. I figured they would slow a bit but they all grew anywhere from 4-9 mm depending on the plant. I tried putting a couple more pics up but something about file size blah blah.


This is the first time topping a plant so I’m wondering if this is normal growth for day five after topping? I hear that it’s supposed to stunt the growth when u do it but these have taken off or seem too. They are about five inches right now.


Good job just make sure you leave some stem or the plant will have a tendency to split in half. :clown_face: “Don’t ask me how I know that”


Looking great man! She is growing up beautifully.


Yup looks like a textbook topping to me. Well done. And yea. Some take that beatdown like Rocky n keep coming cue theme music


Thanks for the input, much appreciated! :+1: