1st grow journal GG#4 x10


That’s a happy leaf.


I just do the plastic five gallons no specific reason why though lol. Oh wait I know why, cheap woohoo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:thanks for the reassurance lol


Cool thanks, I’m super protective lol


You’re do great


Latest update it’s been a minute. Three weeks old and doing great. Got a little stress from the heat but that’s unavoidable since the ac went out. Nighttime temps are up to 85. Regardless, at least someone is enjoying the heat and humidity :fire:


Nice you’ll really like that gorilla glue its really sticky and stinky!


Oh yeah, thats y it’s going lol. Last batch I took a little to early and it still put me on my butt for sure!


Girls got their first feeding the other day. Just topped today and a little water. Finally got the temp dialed down wih the ac still out. Hopefully the weather will snap here in a couple days. Running the temps at steady 77f 60-73%


Looking good brotha!


These girls look perfect.


Beautiful :cry:


Got a couple closer ups of the topping. New colas are already taking off on all of them so far. I figured they would slow a bit but they all grew anywhere from 4-9 mm depending on the plant. I tried putting a couple more pics up but something about file size blah blah.


This is the first time topping a plant so I’m wondering if this is normal growth for day five after topping? I hear that it’s supposed to stunt the growth when u do it but these have taken off or seem too. They are about five inches right now.


Good job just make sure you leave some stem or the plant will have a tendency to split in half. :clown_face: “Don’t ask me how I know that”


Looking great man! She is growing up beautifully.


Yup looks like a textbook topping to me. Well done. And yea. Some take that beatdown like Rocky n keep coming cue theme music


Thanks for the input, much appreciated! :+1:


Weekly update- The girls are a couple days over a month, they grow up so fast :cry::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I just gave them their second feeding yesterday, late. Without the ac I had to do what I could to keep the humidity below 80%, that includes running a touch on the dry side for now.
It’s only about a week after topping I had to do a little LST. I’m trying to keep the middle of the plant opened up the best I can. I was gonna trim off some of the bottoms branches but they are growing so good they are as big as the two new colas. I’m thinking I will probably only top once more to keep them shorter as well. Last grow one was kissing the lights lol, too tall. I probably won’t water for maybe another day, again humidity related.
Um…oh yeah, waiting for my knat treatment to arrive still!! Pretty sure they lost it somewhere lol. Other than that, I think they are looking pretty good. Oh yeah, I did drop the light about 8 inches because they started to stretch a little. The LST and topping did not help to slow the upward growth either, AT ALL. so I didn’t need that little stretch lol




Round two of topping is done. Did the two new main colas at third node because they were getting too damn tall. All others got snipped after the fourth. Gave them a bumped up feeding and a drink of water. They seem a lot happier since the heat broke. Been able to keep it where I want. I’m Running humidity higher than I usually do at 72% temps at 74F until flower. They normally like everything lower but these ones want that humidity. Only weird thing I noticed that I haven’t seen before is I had a branch split on it’s own. It literally forked itself into two branches. I attached the pic last the split branch. It’s healthy and happy so I’m not concerned.