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My boyfriend and I decided to try our hand on growing Gelato 33 from ILGM. So we started 5 seeds in a 24 hour water soak well water on 04/07/, by 04/08 they were showing tap roots so moved them into the paper towel and dark room for another 24 hours and 4 of them were planted into jiffy peet pellets on 04/09, now here we are a week later and have moved them to solo cups filled with Happy Frog Potting soil, had a scare a few days ago while transplanting 2 of my tap roots part of them broke off but so far they are looking good, I had 1 plant that was a late bloomer so she is a little behind the others but catching up nicely. Have them currently inside a tiny garden green house under a 1200w led grow light, will be moving to bigger 15 gallon buckets in another week or so and to a bigger green house once it’s up. Can not wait to share the progress with you all and am hoping that this grow turns out amazing, and we are planning on trying to clone some of these Gelato plants to.



I would suggest going to 3 or 5 gallon first before jumping to 15 gallon. Easier to care for the plants needs. Although most are scared of transplant shock you can carefully transplant and the plants don’t skip a beat.

My .02 cents.

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My bad that was supposed to say 5 gallon buckets not 15.


Cool. I do 32 oz, 3 gallon, then 10 gallon.

Good luck, looks like a healthy start.


I’ll be watching for sure. If I can get mine out if the ground, I’ll be a week or two behind you.

Hey, good luck to you guys!


You have a bit of stretch happening. You might need to move your light a bit closer.


Looks like you have definitely done your homework. Best of luck with this grow!


Good luck set to watching :slight_smile: :v:t2:

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So far so good, couldn’t find any 3 gallon containers so got these cheap things for a buck and will transplant them into 5 gallon buckets in another week or so after we get more Happy Frog soil.


Good work.

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3 Weeks since planting and still growing strong and beautiful and starting to smell already, my boyfriend shut the lights off in the greenhouse the other night and said if he didn’t know where the smell was coming from he would of thought there was an actual skunk in it lol.

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Right on track! Nice job!