1st grow. In weeks 2-3 of flower. Concerned about Yellow leaves

@Newt and guess who literally just went googling….then I went back and zoomed in….looks like I need to finish this coffee :coffee:. I isn’t dat bright folks….short bus material

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Hahahah thats awesome!
What do you all think is best for curing? Grove bags or mason jars? And how will i know when it will be done?

It’s the bottom of a sheet music stand, the top of a guitar stand, a jewel case and some tape… :slight_smile:

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For me, Grove Bags are the hands down winner.

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how long do you cure? or when will i know they are done?

I find them to be share-able after 3-4 weeks. I’ll taste it (and smoke it if needed) after 1-2. But after 3-4 I am proud to share.

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Some up dated photos.


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@Grumbleman getting close dawg

@Fieldofdreams Are they? i thought i had 3 more weeks

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@Grumbleman thats close in my world lol

@Grumbleman probably more than 3 if I had to guess though.

ahhhh lol you scared me

@Grumbleman I’m hoping I’m under 3 though lol.

@Fieldofdreams Thats looking good. How much are you thinking you will yeild?

@Grumbleman And that is the Million dollar question my friend. She’s 1 of 4. Have I posted a family photo that you’ve seen? She’s the shortest lol. But also the densest.


If i were to take a guess im thinking you got atleast 6… maybe 7 grams

@Grumbleman just a 1/4 huh :laughing::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lmao.

I can only imagine how many have googled this :man_facepalming::rofl:

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I guess I picked up the phrase in the mid-70s, sometime after I joined the Navy.

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