1st grow. In weeks 2-3 of flower. Concerned about Yellow leaves

I’d hate to speak for others but I think we have all had this happen before. All plant get the same but 1 looks off compared to the others. It could be as simple as that 1 plant is more sensitive then the others. To me she looks hungry. I would either give a good flush to try to clean up, or wash out the bad and try to re-set everything going on in your root zone. I feed ff trio and ff soil. And you must flush every 4-5 weeks or not will get salt build up.


Sorry to jump in here all late and whatnot but is it 2 separate strains that are being grown? The one pic of the tent shows that or very distinctive pheno differences. If different strains could the two taller plants simply have a different/shorter lifespan and are just winding down from the bottom up?

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It may be the Miracle Gro blended in but it also may not be. Although I will say after reading my own comment again I see what your problem with her is (most likely).

Do you still have the Grow Big, with the tomato on it? I’d add a 1/4 dose of that when you feed her next. She’s just going through more nitrogen than the others. She’s hungry and doing “worse” because she wants you to know she’s hungry.


A PPM meter is a cheap digital reader - it tells you how many parts per million (ppm) or total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water you’re feeding. There’s a “target” for PPMs for most stages of the grow. The reason we want to know is that if she has too many PPMs, she may stop eating (think the kid eating cake in Matilda) - if it’s too low, then naturally we correct by feeding.


Yes acctually its 3 strains. Im Doing the Haze pack feminized. Purple, blue, and silver. Thats the blue that is going yellow fast. So is my Purple. Silver looks to be strong. The pots of the 2 plants going yellow are very heavey, which is why i havent watered so much. They are dry on top and heavey down low. The roots have grown out the bottom of the 10 gallon canvas bag.

This is the odd brand soil i used for those 2 plants going yellow early. The other plant in fox farm ocean sea soil is going very good. I think i have a host of problems here. Salt build up may be an issue. Sorry for late reply. Forum said i was maxwd o

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That reinforces my thought up above.

So the 2 who aren’t in full Ocean Forest aren’t getting fed as much - FFOF is naturally a very nutrient rich soil. It is supposed to feed a plant by itself for about 6 weeks, unless you have a hungry strain, then you get about 4 weeks out of it.

The ones who are in the non-FFOF are just hungry. See my advice above about feeding the Fox Farms Grow Big (tomato bottle) along with the Tiger Bloom. That should help bring the color back. Well. It will stop the color from going so quickly anyhow.


When using FF nutes, they are designed to be used together. If you are only feeding Tiger Bloom, then she’s starving.

Here is the FF feeding schedule:

You can get away with the Trio at the top, but I use everything on the schedule except Flower Kiss and Rhize Up, and get great results.

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Ahhh this is very helpful!
Can anyone explain the heaviness of the 2 bags that are starving? is that salt build up? I ran 1 gallon of water through each plant to try to flush. And i will hit with nutes today

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I don’t think salt buildup would be heavy enough to explain it. I suspect that is water retention. What soil are you in, and is there a mix of perlite, or any other thing to increase porosity?

@Newt what causes water retention typically? I’m in the hated MG lol mixed with perlite and one of my pots isn’t consuming water at a rate that she was before and her sisters are now. At Wednesdays watering she was significantly heavier then her tent mates……and I maybe watered her anyways… I know shhhhj :shushing_face:

From my experience it is usually a denser and more hard packed soil. Perlite is designed to prevent that packing and increase the porosity (the ability of the soil to drain).


@Newt thank you!

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I posted my “other soil” in a picture above.

So i flushed the plants with a gallon of water.

Then after 1 day i came back and treated them with the fox farm scheduled recommendations. I think things are looking better.
Thank you all for your input and advice. Its awsome to hear from so many helpful people. Great community! Here Are some recent photos.

I will be doing Golden Haze/leaf/flower auto flower in a week. Germinating and all. Have an 8 x 4 tent. Hoping for some great success!

Any Suggestions or advise before i go in? Im was gonna try to do some topping (even though i hear you shouldn’t on autos). Then some light stress training.

Any Advice?


Do a FIM instead of topping. Its less stressful, can be done sooner, and results in more colas (usually).

Germinate the seed, plant in a solo cup just long enough to be able to see roots on any of the sides or the bottom (anywhere at all) - once you have visible roots, transplant into the final home. I recommend a 3 or 5 gal pot. I prefer 5s but space sometimes makes 3gals easier to manage. :v:

i have a 10 x 7 gallons i was gonna use. Heard bigger is better. Yes? FIM is to cut the tops, not exactly topping but more so trimming them close to the bottom?

That’s what they say.

Exactly. Its pinching off the newest growth but leaving just the littlest bit behind.


Plants seem to be bouncing back.

Are the orange hairs a sign of it being ready to harvest soon? When will i know its time?


Looking great! The orange hairs are an indication that the plant has begun the ripening process. You will wand nearly all of them to turn and curl in, before looking at the trichomes to determine when to harvest. I find this handy guide a helpful reference:

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Im curious about smell. Should my plants be very strong smelling at this stage? i cant tell im im just used to it now or what lol


Probably not very strong yet. Around week 5 is when the smell gets strong.


Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. As Newt says, usually the real stink is in late flower.

For my plants I’ve gotten a weird mix of almost odorless and the most pungent weed I’ve ever smelled. They also seem to be most offensive odor-wise at night/during lights out.