1st grow. In weeks 2-3 of flower. Concerned about Yellow leaves

I remove anything that is obviously leaf, whether it’s trichome covered or not.

Some leaf gets missed but the majority of it is thrown into a bag for hash or concentrate making.

Trimming is another one of those preference things I trim mine about like you did in the pictures I might even leave more than you did. I’m not worried about the looks and I don’t really have any use for the trimmings so I might as well leave em to smoke

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soooo i found a couple seeds in my purple haze. What does that mean? I found 2 seeds out of 3 ounces of bud. Is that normal? The weed smoked SOOOOO GOOD! flavor was amazing. Im very happy with myself and how it turned out. Heard the seeds could come from extra light during the 12 hour off time.

@Grumbleman It means the Seed Gods have smiled upon you and granted you free seeds of a smoke you know and love!! Just watch them when they mature you may have to do some culling of potential males.

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Thats crazy. Is this shit done? It keeps going dude! idk whats going on. I cut off nutes and it sprung more white hairs

Next is Bob. Hes looking good, but idk if hes ready. Tricomes are good but i feel like they keep growing!

Here is my Next to harvest. I like the color. Cut off nutes for 2 weeks. Havent watered for 2 days. Gonna do a 48-72 hour Darkness. Then cut and dry. Things are looking good i think.

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Foxtailing. Ignore the new pistils, and evaluate the trichs.

@Newt This is very good info, but my plants are high sativa 70% and up. Not many leaves. Tricomes are good and cloudy. No ambers yet. I kinda believe they are coming to an end but still have more in them. Its not your typical foxtail. Light, Ph, and air are all good. I think i hit another stage of growing… UNLESS my watering of only water and no nutes for 10 days caused this… but i kinda doubt it… This has been normal through my whole flowering stage. The buds do this every 2 weeks and get bigger and bigger. I think im just at another growth stage… but maybe im wrong. Maybe others have seen this? I dont wanna shut down and stop my grow too early

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Good luck with her!

Do you think im wrong? Im just giving my opinion. I dont really know.

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No, didn’t mean anything except good luck! :+1:

The higher sativa strains will grow like a pile of foxtails and continue to grow and make new calyx n pistils. On some more pure sativa the trichomes don’t ever amber I’ve gone into Dec where the leaves were all freeze burnt and still didn’t get amber on em.
Here’s a couple articles that talks about it… I can’t link it because there’s seed ads

Here is another for 6.99 on amazon. The Kingmas 60X clip on for iphone and samsung
Kingmas 60x zoom

@Grumbleman her man I completely under where you’re coming fro, I’m a newbie grower finishing up my 2nd grow nowish. I think it’s super difficult to tell when they are ready to chop down. I just try to chop when the biggest buds are at the milky white to amber color I want. And the rest I use for edibles

So sorry guys trying out this “ you talk it types things” needs more work lol

Looking good Brother, the new white hairs are fox tails, your light might be too low or intense :love_you_gesture:

Shes done boys! I cant fucking believe how big this one got. I did some topping to this guy and lolli popping. The colas are so big and heavy. This one is Blue Haze. Very potent Blueberry smell. Im very excited to try it. Figure i got atleast of month of drying then curing. Cant wait for round 2. Got a 3rd tent and another set up ready to go.

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Newt i think you were correct on your foxtailing remark. Still have some of the curly white pistols but shes done for sure.

On a separate note i have a friend who tried to do autos. They all kinda shriveled up and died on him. lol. I have no idea what he did wrong. But it looks like a mix of over watering and underwatering. He thought auto flowers were easy peasy and you can neglect them hahaha. he was wrong


Very beautiful :heart_eyes: congratulations


Nice. Look like baseball bats!

They look absolutely amazing @Grumbleman :heart_eyes: Well done :clap:

Well done Growmie and digging those cola rockets :love_you_gesture: