1st grow. In weeks 2-3 of flower. Concerned about Yellow leaves

This exactly :point_up:

So then i guess im trimming bud leaves and not sugar leaves… Does this sound right? am i stupid? lol The sugar leaves are very obvious. But i have buds that come and curl out that kinda look like sugar leaves. So i was trimming them too. I think im wasting bud.

is this trimmed enough?

See the curlys? do i trim them down or leave it?

Most of those would get trimmed, if I were trimming. But remember this… There isn’t a wrong way. Those small leaves are THC rich, and will get you high and are smokable. But they will bring some harshness to the smoke, which is why I would trim them, and use them for edibles, etc.


So where do i stop? The whole damn thing is leaves. How do i determine whats “bud” vs “leaf”

Here’s a bud I trimmed, for reference:

The leaves look like leaves. The bud looks different.

So just round it off?

What if i cure it longer? Will that help?

i can clearly see leaves on that bud you trimmed at the top doesnt this need to be trimmed? I dont know where to stop. These look like leaves to me.

Got most, missed some. All depends on how manicured you want it.

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How do i determine what is leaf vs bud?

Curing won’t change much.

Essentially everything is leaf. Yes? or am i crazy? sorry i am new and im really having a hard time with this

@Grumbleman Don’t overthink it. It’s your bud. This plant may have just produced looser buds. My sativa dominant strain from last summer was ‘airy buds’ compared to the knots I have on my current GSCies. Your pic looked fine.

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Thank you. Im trimming where there are no tricomes and a little more. The 1st pic is what im ending with. 2nd pic will be trimmed again to make it more uniform and get rid of the spots that are not tricomed white. I guess the ultimate test will be when i smoke it lol. Was gonna try some today after only 4 days of curing. Should be interesting… if i do. Otherwise im gonna Power through and wait another week.

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Honestly, I’d happily smoke either of the buds in your example pics. :grinning:

LoL well that makes me feel better! I got Round 2 coming up real soon. Then round 3 should be done a month after. So glad i did this in stages. I would have been screwed lol. You guys ever use burp lids? are they efficient or no? Ive got grove bags coming but i heard mason jars with lids was better?

Never used burp lids. Have used mason jars. Now I use Groves. Never going back.

Grove bags, just fill em up. Heat seal and forget about it?

That looks fine i dont think taking to much off and really if its for self does it really matter if u do take a little bit more off than u should because will probably use what u cut off to make cookies or butter or oil anyway

I don’t heat seal. But yes. Get your buds to ~62% RH, then into the bags. Monitor the humidity, and open them for a bit if the RH climbs above 68-69.