1st grow. In weeks 2-3 of flower. Concerned about Yellow leaves

Hello, I am a new grower. I started my journey Feb 15th of 2022. Ive done ok I think so far. Had a few fun and silly mistakes. Learned qlot on my own. But i wanted to come here for some advice and get to know more from everyone. Im 2-3 weeks into flowering and i have 2 plants that seem to have gone rouge. The one has produced yellow leaves and looking fatigued. The other is turning purple qnd im hoping its just because of the flavor. Im doing purple haze, silver and blue pack from ilgm. I will post pics and would love to hear some comments and feedback. Thank you


Great job they look gorgeous

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Can you tell me why the one plant is looking sad with the yellow leaves? None of my other plants seem to be like that


What are you feeding them? Looks really hungry

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That’s my thought too. The plant with yellowing leaves is likely just a big eater, and may need more than you’re giving her compared to the other girls. :v:


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:. Please fill out the support ticket and we will know a bit about your grow

Release the nutes add some calm mag maybe?

I feel like im feeding it plenty, as the bag feels heavy still. I use fox farms nutes. Currently on the big bloom bottle with the tiger. (will confirm in morning) but i use about 80ml for 2 gallons/8 liter of water. My ph is right around 7. The only thing i can think is the soil. I ran short of my fox farm sea floor soil, so i mixed some Miracle-Gro flower soil. Takes longer for the water to absorb. But this is the 1st time ive had any issues. Maybe i messed up with the soil?

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Most likely a Little PK deficiency but that PH is a bit out of range and could eventually prevent nutrient uptake :love_you_gesture:. A support ticket would help give a better snap shot of what you have going


How do i fill out a support ticket? Sorry. Still trying to navigate everything. I can list everything here, or is there an qctual ticket to submit?

I agree with the other members looks hungry

Look generally hungry to me.

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That seems like a lot.

Oh. Hmmm.

I’m wondering if she’s so hungry looking because of nutrient overload.

Here’s the ticket to fill:

That should help us help!


:point_up_2: :thinking::thinking: that could be preventing certain nutrient uptake creating that deficiency look :love_you_gesture:. Nice catch Grow Sis

That’s big bloom feeding. So your not over doing it I think. But if your Ph is 7.0 you need to bring that down 6.6-6.4 range I would say. Also and any type of nitrogen that could be useful she looks hungry. Do you have a tds meter ? What we your ppm coming out ?

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Problem is the bottle with the Tiger on it is Tiger Bloom, not Big Bloom. Big Bloom has a fox on it - Grow Big has a tomato. Tiger Bloom is a 2-8-4 vs the Big Bloom’s 0-0.5-0.7.

I trusted his description of the label over the name of the product, largely because I find the names all sound the same.

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Yeah super goof You r correct I read big bloom, but he is feeding tiger bloom which in that case you are over doing it. I feed ff trio and 80 ml is way to much. Thank u @Graysin for catching that. Sorry guys been one of those days

No need to apologize my friend. You still ask very important questions. Plus like I said, product confusion with fox farms is my normal state of being :joy::rofl::v:


So i may be doing nutrient overload? Im using Tiger bloom nutes. With the tiger on it lol. I Dont understand why the other plants qre going so good but just this one is going yellow. Also it looks like my other plant is doing the same. I think its the soil perhaps. I dont know what pps meter is. I just did the ph meter testing for my water and it came out at around high 6.9 -7.0

More pics from today

Why is this guy sooo much healthier than the other?

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