1st grow in the caveman’s cave garden


In light of all these rocket scientist level grow rooms and tents I present to you a caveman level cave garden full of herbs from the back porch plus a little something special for the nerves. Just dropped my first seed ever in water tonight and pretty excited about it.


Very nice @Openmind they look beautiful. Happy growing and grow vibes your way…


Congrats on your first grow. You’re in good hands.


Welcome to are little slice of heaven Ilgm please ask any questions you got we have great members and staff to get you where you want to be :wink:


Yippee, off to great start!


I’m looking forward to watching your Grow. I wish for you to have a great harvest :+1: and there’s many great tutors here that will get you there.


Don’t do it! It’s a slippery slope! Next thing you know, you’ll be shopping for a tie-dye T like @Willd and doing nose hits for clarity haha! (LOVE how you start our day Will!)

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is the best forum going.


Coming from someone who knows…Lol


Congratulations. @Openmind The rest of your cave garden looks healthy enough. :leaves: :evergreen_tree:

Do you know what strain that seed you dropped is?


This is a Northern Lights seed from ILGM. Is it good to start it in straight water and then remove the seed, fill the cup with FFHF soil to let it take root after the seed cracks, and then plant the seed there until she gets about 3” tall? Or should I do something different? It’s been 24 hours in water and I don’t see a change.


This is what I did. I currently have an ILGM northern lights growing. I soaked her for 24 hours or so until she cracked. I believe I changed out the water after 12 hours or so. Some folks go into a paper towel until the taproot comes out but I went straight into seed starting mix after it cracked. Upon recommendations, I didn’t go straight into the FFOF because it’s considered hot soil and may be too nutrient rich for your seedling, although many have gone straight in with no issues. I’m a new grower myself and can only share my current experience so take it for what it’s worth. My NL is the healthiest of my 3 plants and so far has been very easy to grow.

Edit: misread your post, You’re going into Happy Frog. I think from what I’ve read, it should be ok to start with. I don’t personally have experience with it though, sorry.


Put in water cotton wipe leave in dark for 24hrs again but let air get to it then u will have little root then plant in pot i hope this help mate @Openmind


I went and looked again before I saw your post @shugg and the seed seemed to have swelled so I went ahead and soiled it and poured some of the water it was in before in with it. Maybe 2oz of water. This is what the grow space looks like at the moment as well. Theirs a cheap box fan blowing on low as well. You mentioned turning out the lights. Is that common practice when germing?


@Openmind Well i think so thats wat i do but let air get to it meanin if u put pot on top leave a gap so cotton or tiasue will not dry up or jst put in cupboard but leave for 24hrs wen i 1st did like dat i had to look then i find out its best not to look and wen u come to pot u will find the root nice and long nice room get walls alot whiter and brighter blessed


@Openmind, this is very important. The seedling needs very little water. It can only take in moisture from the leaves until the tap root is established. Misting the seedling lightly and covering it with a clear dome will help greatly in successfully starting your plants.


Sorri and wat @Myfriendis410 has said u must do dat wen potted keep up the humi bless good luck and happy growin @Openmind


I think my seed died. I’ve been misting the soul 2-3 times a day since soul planting Saturday morning and there’s been no sign of sprout. Not unheard of from what I’ve read but my soil dropped from PH 7 to 5.5. I poured in PH 7.5 water and got the soil up to six but such a sudden steep drop of PH can’t be good sign can it?


What do the gods think about this? @bob31 @Myfriendis410
I think I might just have to start another seed.


@Openmind, how long since it went in to the soil?

Before trying again, let’s do it with a couple of items. A small cup, custard cup or shot glass full of distilled water. Place your seed in it and put the cup somewhere warm and relatively dim. I use the top of my cable box.

Leave the seed soaking until a visible taproot is showing (24 to 72 hours) before planting.

Plant into a dedicated planter medium like rock wool, peat pellets, or seed starter soil. Whatever you use must be free of nutrients. Plant the seed a fingernail depth and cover. For the first watering, apply 1 teaspoon of water and cover with a clear dome. This can be a baggie, a cut off water bottle or something else.

Place under your light and set it per the manufacturer’s instructions. I’m an led guy and I use one 300/150 watt at about 20" . If your area isn’t between 70° and 80° F I would suggest adding a warming mat under the seedling.

Purchase a spray bottle, fill with distilled water and mist lightly 2 or 3 times per day.



I’m gonna save that as a copy/ paste with full credit to you @Myfriendis410 nicely done @Openmind

If you follow those directions you will be fine!