1st grow in Midwest

Started from seed almost 2 months ago. She is now just over 5ft tall. I haven’t don’t any pruning (except random leaves here and there) and no training. Should I do anything now or just let her grow? I know I have to come up with some kind of support system and bamboo stakes are non-existent in stores right now so any other suggestions are appreciated.


Watch Kyle Kushman’s video on Cannabis chiropractic training. He says is strengthens the stalks.

It’s pretty easy. I’m still a newb so I can’t say one way or the other

Your plant looks great.


You can try wooden dowels, just go to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s type place go over to the wood section and they will have a mass amount of different sizes of wooden dowels

Looks good welcome to the community!

You can also paint or dip it the end of the wood, part that goes down into the ground with that seal it stuff, you know that stuff that the guy on TV, cuts his boat bottom out, and seals the bottom of the boat and then hits it in the water, to prove it doesn’t leak… I’ve even had my husband drill holes all over the Dow so that I can pick and choose where I want to secure the plant I can change it as it grows oh, just a thought

Sorry let me clarify when he drills the holes you can put your plant wire plant tape whatever it is threaded through the hole la la now you have a place to tie your plan up

Thanks. I didn’t think about using the flex seal for a dowel.

I have seen everything from paracord to tomato cages, I even saw someone use a tiki torch as a support , so many options or whatever you see lying around. Maybe @KikiGee has some ideas

Welcome here! I get loads of good info from the forum and the blogs. Your plant is gorgeous! And going to get even larger!

Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to the lumber area, not the garden area, and buy those cheap 1X1 or if they are out, 2X2 wood stakes/poles. They are way cheaper than basically the same one they will sell you in the garden dept for double the price (under $3). My husband used a saw and made two cuts on one end to make a sharp point, then ran rope around it for cross supports (hemp or jute will stretch out so look at synthetics). A plant net trellis would work, too, and may be a lot better.

We also bought cow panelS and T posts at Tractor Supply and made a super cool arched trellis. Next year we plant to try some cannabis on it and train it go over the arch. You may can put it next to your plant and work on that now. One section is only $34. We did 2 cow panels. It can be trickier as you have to pound the T posts in. The cow panel goes inside the T posts. The garden boxes are just for the snake beans we planted but you don’t have to have that. They are not structural to the unit.

My garden needs water and that is what I am headed to do. Just got back from a long run. They perk up fast though. :joy:

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Hi! I love the trellis idea! Do you know what the length is on those cow panels ?

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@Greenthumb443 They are the 16’ x 50" panel. $21.99 on the Tractor Supply web site.

You could take some wood stakes and hammer them intobthe ground. Take some string and pull all the side branches down. Then slowly bend the top towards the North. Or just let her grow naturally and it will be just fine! If you have access to some chicken wire you can make a simple hoop around the plant so the branches at least have some support. Some plants dont even require any if left to grow in their natural form
Cattle panel is the best though, because its strong and has big holes to pull branches through

Thanks, I’m definitely going to use this idea. What did you use to fasten it to the T posts ?

My husband said he used tie wire (baling wire). It is like spring tension though keeping it arched. Basically he started with one end on T posts and then we curved it down and fit it inside the other ones. Depending on how high you want the apex of the arch will dictate how far apart to the opposing T posts are.

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Sweeeeet thank you

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