1st Grow in 20 years - Godfather OG Feminized

Not much has changed but lighting. But oh has it changed from the 80’s.


I got to say A Lot HAS CHANGED, nutrients soils from High pressure sodium to florescent to LED’s which in a 4 x 4 a 400 watt will do fine easy enough , trying to figure how much light will be sufficient for the space, Nice strain 27 % THC, very nice

Welcome to the forum and what a joy to grow in 2020’s vice our 80’s attempts.
I trim more in this grow than I grew in 70’s. The knowledge shared is fantastic.
I have a collection of old equipment and presume 1000 watts @meter is enough lighting.
Next grow will include upgrade to lighting system. Scorpion-Diablo excites me for Christmas.
I want to recover ten inches of unused crown (plants closer to lights, less burn and better light spread). Overkill for 4x4 but winter will be arriving.

@sshortguy have fun and I recommend you learn to clone. Expands the potential.

@Bonjoyle time to start transplanting or your gonna have a tangled mess of roots to deal with lol!!

I would definitely only grow one plant per pot. Multiple is just asking for trouble later on

Not sure of the purpose of your reply. I only grow one plant per pot.

I transplant 4 times total from seed to harvest. I started training my girl, removed all fan blades and removed all unnecessary growth along the stems.


@Bonjoyle that looks great!

I’ve learned crossbreed where it happened on my 1st grow, cloning is another phase for other days, I got like 25 seeds already to be planted, Nectar was all I heard about being real good etc, I gotten me some seeds from Amsterdam from an old grower I waited to plant them when it was ready, bought a new light about mars hydro but ended up overheating my grow space & fried the dirt with the dimmer at 50 % way too hot, I bought 2 cheap leds off ebay for like 100.00 & they worked better,I don’t understand them

Not sure how to edit my original subject but man do i feel old now…I realized it shoulda said 40 years as the last time I grew was 37 years ago :confused:

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@Bonjoyle any ‘regular’ can edit your title for you. Run it by one.

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Dig that

12 weeks in, 2 more weeks ish for veg then the flip. I am amazed at how healthy this girl is. I had a plan but she said she wanted to do something a bit different so I conceded. Pics attached are before and after the scrogging.

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@Bonjoyle she sounds like my wife. Let’s do it my way lol

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Just beginning to see some new pre flowers. I am amazed at her health thus far. Not one issue to date. This grow made me realize I need a bigger tent. Not cause I want to grow more but this 47" tall tent is not big enough. I have the 27x27x67" and a new light on order from Mars for my next round.


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Fromunda da Scrog. Looks like a Menorah. After I took the pic, I realized needed to remove the low fans not getting light. She is really clean now.

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Started growing a japanese pine bonsai. Germed and planted on 12.25.21. Very long waiting process to start training. 3 to 5 years.

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Finished landscaping

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@Bonjoyle Be awesome if you had a water feature running in there too!! It’s pretty neat looking for sure. :+1:t2::yellow_heart: