1st Grow in 15 years - Looking for guidance - Autoflower (Zkittles & SLH) in RDWC

FYI you’re gonna get beat up old leaves. The older the plant, the more you’ll find. I think plant is fine unless other indicators show an issue.

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These pictures are of PP would that change your mind?

The AF’s are doing fine, oddly enough.

@SEC No, still wouldn’t change my mind on that. I thot they were autos because of the header for this thread. But like @Myfriendis410 just said, you’ll get a lot of old leaves that will start to look that way cuz, they’re old and just not getting the nutrition like when they were new. She looks very good other than that leaf.

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In not really familiar with growing in rockwool, sorry.

It’s like growing in any other soil less medium with a few key points

*Not environmentally friendly due to extensive lifespan, well over a human lifetime

*Retains water extremely well

*High in PH

What are all the little white specks…? :thinking:
Have you looked over them with a magnifying glass :mag: …?
And what are your run times on your drip lines…?
How often and for how long… ?
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Would you recommend rockwool or coco for RDWC?

I feed at 8A and 8P for 1-2min and I used the 1/2 GPH drip.

The 4" cubes are wet…

I have not looked them over with a magnifying glass. I have sprayed them with AVAMAX out of a HVLP gun/can so that the insects can’t walk under the water droplets that a typical mister or spray bottle would create.

I’ll post some pictures of anything new that shows up.

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Question on Temps & Moisture?

I am currently flowering some at 78 degrees F but my moisture is reading at 38%. Should I had a humidifier to the tent?

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@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @peachfuzz @RockClarke @BudPorn see the Temp & Moisture question please.

I would try to get rh up. If you need a humidifier, I would get a model designed for size of room your intake air comes from.

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You really can’t use coco in RDWC unless talking about chips. Rockwool into hydroton or coco chips although would favor the hydroton.

Is that peak daytime RH and what is it on the dark cycle? How far along in flower? How about pictures? As flowering progresses you may want that low RH.

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Rockwhool or rapid rooters…
Just seeing this post…
So are you running a drip system over rockwhool or are you doing rdwc…?

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I run a drip during the early veg stage.


Clone → small start cube in bubbler in order to get cube rooted → into a 4" rockwool to a drip system

I leave in the drip system until I have them well rooted and ready to transition to flower.

Once they are ready, I move them into RDWC and take them from transition to rippen.

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This method also helps me utilize the space I have to the best efficiency.

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Let’s see if I can post a pic…
Nope… still won’t let me…
All is good…
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Question for the gurus, it has been a long time but was wondering when in the flowering process that you start defoliating the big fan leaves?

I try to defoliate when I change the water (every 7 days) in order to expose the most nodes, at the top 1/3 of the plant. However, once I start seeing the plant begin to ripen I leave the fan leaves but at what time should a person cut them so as to not waste plant energy on feeding those big fan leaves and instead feed the flowering production?

Secondly, has anyone run LKB and DKB from GH at the same time? Like in the 3rd to last week? I typically use DKB only, the last two weeks.

@peachfuzz @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @spyonyou @RockClarke


Usually about 20 days into 12/12, then ongoing throughout or again around week 6.

I don’t use any gh products other than ph up though, sorry.

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I usually lollipop anything that don’t make it to the first net after 3 weeks from light flip and nothing after that point… :man_shrugging:t4:
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I am in week 6-8 on this AF (skittles) and it keeps growing. :exploding_head: I would think it would be ready to pull but it is still filling in the open areas and it keeps stretching.

Should I defóliate any of those larger fan leaves to help with flower production or leave them?

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