1st Grow, ILGM White Widow

Ouch! That looks more like a hole in the stem. I’ve seen others do it where it separate’s in two halves. Wonder which way is best, or if it makes any difference on how far its split?

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@jasong, almost soup bro… What is that that’s splitting the stem?

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@Rugar89 @Zombo I used a knife to split the stem about 1-2" and a skewer to keep it open probably 1/2" gap… hopefully it’s enough, if not she’s coming down in 5 days anyways… we shall see


#Day 110 / Flowering Day 58

Watering day… 1 gal of tap water

7.2 PH going in
6.3 PH / 700-1000 PPM coming out

Getting weird PPM readings today anywhere from 700’s - 1000’s… oh well this will be the last watering… harvest day coming up soon :sunglasses:


Yeah I wouldn’t​worry about it @jasong last feeding? At this point it’s water in the pot! Hahaha! Great looking bud,! :grin::v::palm_tree::+1:


great looking buds @jasong!


Outstanding job @jasong looks great

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#Day 114 / Flowering Day 62

Harvest day!! :sunglasses:

Spent 6 hours trimming her up but well worth it, will give you a dry weight in 4-10 days…

She also should have gone another week or two but she had to come down… getting ready to move and start thinking about the next grow :v:

Also want to thank everyone on the forum for their advice, input and help along the way.

@latewood @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Hogmaster @Niala


Great Job!
Some fine looking buds you got there!


Yummy :yum: nice job brother

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Tasty looking for sure… :yum:


Great job my friend


Nice job and congratulations!

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That turned out great. I was honored to have helped a wee bit. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Woo Hoo! Look all that green. Nice job!

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Well dry weight is just over 3oz and 1oz of sugar leaves.

I was expecting more, but I definitely learned a lot from this grow and can’t wait to start the next one.

Definitely need to find a better way to dry, with the Florida heat and humidity they dried way too fast (only took 2.5 days)… placed them on a drying net in the tent with intake/exhaust on and small fan inside tent. Couldn’t get temps below 75, humidity was between 55-70…

They are now in quart size mason jars curing… will do a taste test this weekend (hopefully) :sunglasses:


I am really really new to this… do i need a set up with this net above? I do not have this just lights and fan.

No, the net technique is called Scrog (Screen of Green), type it in the search at the top and you’ll see a bunch of info on it. This technique is good for people with limited height as it stops the plant from growing upwards and you train it through the net holes so it grows wide.

wow thanks! i will need this i don’t have alot of height to grow!

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Great job @jasong, great harvest

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