1st grow ilgm og kush




sorry about the light my battery running low. Been really busy last few weeks and haven’t posted anything. The tent is a little crazy everything is a different height but I’m happy results so far I had a problem with the front left plant like 4 of the 6 colas started dieing. I cut them down to save the plant but last night they were not looking to hot. Did a water change if they look the same tonight I’ll cut them down and make some oil out of them like the others.



The one with the funny leafs is really tall and I think is to close to the light. I keep moving the lights around but not much help. Not to sure about how long I have left. I’m guessing a few week still all the tirclobs are still clear and only a few dark hairs. Cut off some discolored fan leafs so the girls can breathe good.

I wished the looked a little better but I have a little nute burn from a few weeks ago.



Tried to get a pic with my 60x loupe but didn’t come out so great. Got a about 20% cloudy a very few amber and the rest are still clear.