1st grow ilgm og kush


Thanks, I think I have around 3 weeks left until they are done, I have some pineapple crush regular seeds for my next grow, I actually ordered the big bud autos by mistake lol


Well that’s a good looking mistake… I’m thinking about one of the mix packs with Skywalker og. I used that all the time from the dispensary when I lived in cali.


When I ordered auto flower seeds I thought that just meant that the seeds were guaranteed females lol, I didn’t know what autos were and everything I learned was for regular plants so I had to read up about autos lol… This way first grow and I would not recommend anyone else start off growing for the first time with autos, I honestly think I got a little lucky lol


I almost did get autos and I’m glad I didn’t. I did not use a heating pad when Germanting and I think that led to a few not sprouting and two are about two weeks behind the first one to pop. If I where brave enough to go outdoors I might try but not in indaina! Or at least not I my backyard. I wish they would at least decriminalize it, I’m not trying to catch a felony.


I had five big bus auto seeds, three popped after 48 hrs in west paper towel and two didn’t so I left them in the paper towel and a week later another one popped, but that plant caught up to my other small one


So I have four plants, one is nice and big, one is a little bit smaller than the big one but has a ton of buds and then I have two really small ones, I have no idea why they are all different sizes, I am sure I did something wrong that’s why I can’t wait until my next grow so the plants have way more time to recover from little mistakes might make because i am just figuring this out as i go lol


Yeah my next grow will be so much better because I’ll have something to smoke lol


Hahaha, funny thing is that I dont even smoke lol, I haven’t in like fifteen years because I started getting wicked paranoid but my wife still smokes and I make sure she never runs out cuz my life would be hell lol, I started growing as a hobby and for her after it was legalized in Massachusetts… I am gonna try this Big Bud when it’s done though lol


So I remembered something important that I have read but forgot to do. If the light hits the water there is a chance to grow algae or pond scum what ever you want to call it. So I checked on the girls tonight to find bright green stuff in the water.( not all the water drains from the top tray maybe a 1/2 on the high side and like a 1/4 on the low. So I wiped it out the best I could and cut holes in the top like I should have from the start.

also I’m feeding now at about half strength ppm at 450ish.

I did notice big momma has a little yellowing at one of the bottom leaves. I’ll check tomorrow and hopefully there is not any more yellow


Ok did a water change today and the girls seem to be doing great the fim I attempted on big girl didn’t work lol I don’t think I cut enough off just ended up with some ugly leaves. So I went ahead and topped her. :crossed_fingers:feeding now at 730 ppm 20180602_131001|666x500




I’ve added some pics showing the progress made after topping. I topped the big girl and a few days later I topped 2 more I left the small one alone. Last night I topped big girl again all three are getting bushy. I bent down all the branches one the big one the past few nights but she pops right back up

I ordered a scrog net from Amazon so I thinking that next week the should be fully recover from the topping and I’m going to switch to 12/12.


I set up the net to try a little training lots of new growth. I was going to trim them a little but I’m thinking about waiting till after I switch to 12/12 this weekend.


I made the flip on Saturday so today is day 2 of flower


The girls are looking good tomorrow starts week 2 of flower.



Lots of growth happening but I’m unsure of really what week I’m in. I checked my timer last week and it was still running 24 hour.( I didn’t have it clicked over all the way) not sure if was like this from the jump or happened later.



I believe that I’m somewhere in week two of flower. I didn’t write down when I found out that my timer was messed up and still on 24hr. But on the bright side that couple of extra weeks for veg made a big difference in size.


All I can say is that the smell is amazing