1st Grow - ILGM GSE Autos + 1 random

I’m excited to dive into my first grow. For this initial grow, my main goal is to see this strive to harvest and learn along the way. Budget was tight for this initial grow, but I wont let that put a damper on things.

Current Set up
Grow Tent - 4x4
Lights - 2 Mars Hydro TS1000
Ventilation - 6in 440CFM with paired filter
Circulation - 2 6in fans
Pots - 5 gallon Fabric
Soil - Happy Frog soil.

Seed Strain - GSE Auto from ILGM.com, plus one random dispensary seed.

I direct sowed seeds ( 5 GSE & 1 random) with 100% germ rate. All seeds sprouted on 11/27. Putting the ladies right at the 12 day mark today. So far all seems to be going smooth.

Watering to date: The ladies are currently getting 250ml of water every 2 days. With current growth, I may need to increase this pretty quick.

Happy Growing Folks!!


Looks fabulous!


Happy growing I’m a beginner to 5 months in. Started with a tight budget to doing 323263 tent. 5 plants but haven’t upgraded my light currently running a 600w going to upgrade before my next official grow. I’ll be following

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Thanks @FlxerPower

@Jscott1 happen to have a journal rollin? Wouldn’t mind following along as well.

Also wanted to update the log with a bit more detail for the grow.

Daily temp ranges high - 81 low 72
Rh range - high 51% low 35%

Watering with distilled water, ph going in has been 6.2.

Light cycle - 18/6

Update: I was able to talk Amazon into sending me another ts1000 at no cost due to small wire prob, which I fixed. So now have a 3rd on the way to toss in the tent! The ladies should love the extra rays.

Have a great day out there!


Off to a good start, good luck!

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Hopefully you will enjoy the GSE as much as I enjoyed mine. I grew mine outdoors.

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Good shit happy to hear the progress and yes I do if you click on my name and page. But my grow 2020 northeast growers 2 is the journal I’m posting to.

Day 20 update:

All the ladies are just pushing right along, with most having the 4th/5th set of leaves popping up.

Watering every 2 days, 500ml w/PH sitting at 6.2. Planning on rocking out a full pot watering to get some run off. Super curious to see PPM & PH and wake up the soil.

Lights are turned up to 75% running for 18hr.

Temps: On average highs are 80 with lows at 70
RH: range of 37% - 55% AVG 50%

I am looking forward to some LST in the next week or two. It’s wild how fast these things grow.

Happy Growing Folks!


Quick update and correction:

I must have been a bit meditated when writing the last post. The ladies actually hit day 18 today…

Watering: tomorrow is water day, the gals will get their first water with overflow.
Question: to soon for calmag? No nuits used at this time.

May look at some LST week 3 once the ladies fill out a bit more.

Snapshot of the ladies @ lights on today.

Happy growing!


The ladies are looking great and happy!

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Thanks man! @Caveman86

Quick question: Today is watering day and the first time ill be going for some run off. Would it be a good idea to add a bit of calmag or even introduce to a light feeding of the fox trio?

Soil - happy frog
No nuits only distilled water to date
Ladies are 19 days out of soil


I would say no don’t add anything, see what your numbers are coming out. FF soil you should not have to add anything yet, the numbers will let you know if you need to @ next watering.
Looking good!


Perfect, that’s what the gut was telling me. Appreciate the confirmation @spankyjr1

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Day 19 above soil

#1 and #4 both have first signs of being female (I think). Yes!!

Watering day: First watering until run off
Water type: Distilled

Overall PH was looking good, near 6, dropped my meter, so had to use the old drops.

I was surprised by the range of PPM I’m seeing from pot to pot.

#1 GSE - 1/2 gal in 1/2 cup out
PPM - 923 PH - close to 6

#2 Bag seed 1/2 gal in 1/3 cup out
PPM - 890 PH - close to 6

#3 GSE 1/2 gal in 1/2 cup out
PPM - 955 PH close to 6

#4 GSE 1/2 gal in about 1/3 out
PPM - 1149 PH near 6

#5 GSE 1/2 gal in about 1/3 out
PPM 1200 PH - 5.8 (did before meter broke)

#6 GSE1/2 gal in 1/2 cup out
PPM 1260 PH 6.2

Happy Growing!


Day 20 above ground

#2 was growing taller than the rest so decided it was time for a lil LST. First go at it, not nearly as stressful as it seems.


Well pot #4 was looking at me like she wanted some LST too. Love the practice!

@Caveman86 @spankyjr1

Any thoughts about feeding with the ppm data above gentlemen?

Happy Growing!


@Branhamjames38 just in case you’re interested in flowing along.

Good morning @STC_Cultivator, girls are looking good, I think I saw FF trio nutes in the background of one of the photos are they the nutes you plan to use? How big are your grow bags? FF has a soil feeding chart you should stick to that gives you the ideal numbers you should get and when to add what nutes. I grow photo so not sure if you add anything else along with the trio since you will have a shorter schedule than I. I also add Epson salt or cal-mag but not until after 6weeks! only feed every other time no more than 2x a week, Looks as if you can start adding some BB I would start all your nutes at half dose to see if you have any issues


@spankyjr1 yea for this grow working with FF trio along with FF calmag.

The gals are in 5gal bags. With them hitting 3 weeks above ground, I’ll roll with 1/2 strength next water day and take it from there.

I appreciate the feedback!

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What about topping? I’ve had better looking plants by topping.

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