1st Grow ILGM GG4

thx all



tagged you in case you want to see the grow

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I feel like RIGHT HERE is where I should have started discouraging any growth below the main canopy.
I let it start a lot of little popcorn sites that may have sapped a small amount of beefing up on the tips


Looks awesome!

I’m happy with mine…but yours looks like an actual weed plant…mine looks like an oompalumpa on speed!

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What are y’all running for humidifiers in a tiny grow like mine

Today 3/23/32 Groot has her first trichomes!


Scotch2- Can you explain that a lil…just want to be sure I understnd

took a look with the loupe and I could see the little glistening droplets.
Today I did a single prune of an errant little bud it was wickedly sticky.


And welcome aboard the crazy train

I know this is the crowd that can so absolutely just melt right into this moment.

Sitting here with Groot, tent is open with an extra
fan in the room circulating some sightly different warm and cool spells.
Spring sun beaming in an open window with some crystal object sparkling
(funny story happened with that word just now… for later)
and…. Van Morrison - Into the Mystic playing loud.
Got a pipe of some trash weed i got local, but still effective.
Reading all you awesome folks posts and just laid back with a Finnish Long Drink doubled up with two shots of Blood Orange Gin

man that was long… tag everyone because we all know this feeling of complete … …thinking … BLISS

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… and then, depression set in.

I was doing a little LST and I apparently got a little bit heavy handed. I have one bud I noticed the biggest fan leave all started wilting.
Got up this morning the whole stalk is now looking a bit dejectedly. It’s just that ONE so i started looking closer and I see I didn’t ’break’ it exactly but the upper portion of the joint at the stalk is/was slightly separated from the trunk.
dabbed it with some honey but now I am worried about attracting bugs to the honey.

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lso wondering about heal time


I don’t know if it’s possible in your case… I use black electrical tape as a “band aid” often. It seals up the wound and when it heals up and outgrows it’s “band aid” it just hulks out of it. Not my best example but you get the idea, I almost split this stalk in half

If you look, you can see the tape splitting… That’s from the plant outgrowing it


Usually just a couple of days for heal time… And if you’re worried about attracting bugs to the wound, you can cover it with some kind of stretching tape… I prefer to use Teflon tape myself… :nerd_face:
Alternatively, you could have used Aloes, if available, to heal the wound.
But I’ve done it with honey numerous times, indoors and outdoors and it never really caused any problems for my ladies :wink:


couple shots for reference


Seeing your in a tent, I would not worry overmuch with bugs. But I would plant a stake (skewers) next to that branch to be able to secure it so the wound doesn’t open more. :thinking:

And, in my limited experience, some ants will be attracted to the honey outdoors. The ants themselves are not really a problem, but for the fact that they “like” to farm aphids… Those are a pain to get rid of… :nerd_face:


yeah I have some of that rubberized metal core tie wrap stuff. I tied her up tight to the main trunk
it was worse than I thought when I went back to get the pics… pretty floppy before I secured her
we’ll have to wait and see now I guess. plenty of other nice buds coming along so if I lose one it’s not a
deal breaker.
thanks for the quick response, just finished reading up on one of your grows, most excellent


Very minor and no worries Growmie, I’ve split the main down the middle a few inches and wrapped tape around it :love_you_gesture: @kaptain3d gotcha covered


LOL… I broke two branches almost completely off and used soft rubber ties to tie them back on but had to wrap it around the main stem so they grew straight up instead of perpendicular LOL… They are really hearty weeds! No honey or aloe or anything and they were otudoor grows


Yeah , A little support under that branch would be a big help in the long run. A Forked stick out of the front yard will work fine. Thanks for the tag good luck !


@scotch2cubes When I split a stalk I close the wound after applying aloe and the tape it closed, I typically use black electrical tape due to its stretchability so the plant can form a knuckle at the split. It’ll repair itself remarkably fast.

If I break something that need’s additional support I’ll add a pair of sticks to either side then tape so it’s like a splint. Works every time if you do it immediately. Very resilient plant for sure.