1st grow, how's my 1st attempt at pruning look?

Hey folks, this is our first attempt at growing. After comparing our plants with other pictures I felt as if they needed pruning. The plants were started on March 8 and they were pruned tonight. (1) each of AK-47 Extreme, Girl Scout Cookie and Chronic. I’m posting before and after pictures, let me know what you think…




Ok but don’t do any more ok…her leaves give her energy there like solar panels

And Welcome to ILGM


Thanks for welcoming us aboard, I wish I had found this site 2 months ago. Awesome information is shared in the forums.!!

Welcome to the ILGM forum @Shewy12, you will get all of the help you need here.

There seems to be as many opinions on pruning and defoliation as there are growers.

That said, I am of the school of thought that if the plant is getting enough ventilation and air flow through the lower canopy, I don’t remove any material. As @garrigan62 points out, the leaves are the chemical factory that uses sun light to convert nutrients into the things that the plants need to grow and ultimately flower. After a few weeks in flower I do remove a few of the lower branches that are not developing very well.

About two weeks or so before harvest I start gradually removing fan leaves so that the fan leaves are nearly gone by the last week before harvest.

This is just my 2-cents worth, and I am a new grower as well.