1st grow here looking for advice

White widow. Seeds popped soil 11/8/19. In mg seedling soil. Indoor/ light now 18/6. Plan on doing sog. Light is hydro crunch 300. Watering every 2-3 days. Seeds came from ilgm. Plan to transplant to ffof. Any advice?


Welcome to the community your seedlings look fantastic. Keep up the good work.


Welcome to the forum. So you know you are limited for post count for the first 24 hours.

Get the FFOF soil and I would say flush it good before using it. Say up to 15 gallons. This will only take a day to accomplish that task. Reason is to help make the soil not to be so “hot” on new seeds planted.

Then I’d set up your grow buckets or fabric pots and get your baby girls out of Miracle Grow soil.


That size plants will be fine in the ocean forest. It’s starting seeds in it that causes issues. Once their cotyledons are burned off they’re good to go.

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@Moose5150. I am dialed in to watching. You are definitely in good hands on this forum. Best there is in my opinion

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Thanks for the replies. With doing Sea of Green what should my final planting pot size be?

How big is your grow space? How long after transplanting do you plan on vegging them for before flipping to flower?


I have plenty of space if needed. After transplant I was thinking 2-4 weeks before flipping to flower. But I am open to suggestions.

@Moose5150 I’m on the other side of the spectrum. I’m run a 12/12 light schedule right off the bat. I also place my seed with a tap root straight into the grow bucket and is then places in the tent for the 12/12.

My results are wonderful as my GSC and Blue Dream is better than any strain I’ve had in Colorado and I’d put these two against growers in the Netherlands. They are just hat good and I’ve been to Amsterdam 5 times. I’ve also smoked over 100 strains.

It’s more about how much space your light/s will flower efficiently. In a SOG with minimal veg time, you probably wanna use 1 or 2 gallon pots max. Any bigger and the roots won’t fill out the pot before flower.

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The others have you covered, @Moose5150. I’m just dropping by to say welcome to ILGM! :v:

Girls look great welcome

Welcome to the forum it is a great place to be. It may be time to trans plant. My rule of thumb is when the leaves reach the side of the initial cups transplant. I find if I wait too much longer they get root bound, which may be starting with yours.


@Moose5150, were they just watered or is it close to lights out time? I have noticed mine doing that at these times. I was told that it was normal so, I assumed it was. Hopefully someone else will chime in

I see that @Bubblehead just did before I had a chance to finish. I would have to agree with time to transplant and that is a good rule to follow as @Bubblehead stated

Nice work you already know your going to need better and more lights down the road. I don’t care for ffof soil anymore it’s ok but i always had problems when went to flower but i didn’t flush it before I used it either i love pro mix vegetable and herb mix and it’s cheap and work’s great for me. A good ph meter and calibration solution to calibrate your ph meter often i really like the apera ph60 you can get replacement probs for it.
If you serious i would recommend reading marijuana botany, tissue culture, soil a owner’s manual, soil 2.0,
The point is that you learn what nutrients do what and how they will work together and then you will see what the bottle nutrients are really worth and source your own nutrients. Clackamas coot is a good guy to read and listen to he has a simple way of doing things either it works or don’t and explains why. Kiss organics has a good podcast section.

These 6 books are very helpful to

They look like they’re a little too wet, to me.

They were watered the day before. I’m going to transplant tomorrow to 1 or 2 gallon pots.

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That’s a good move. Make sure your cups have good drainage. :+1: