1st grow ... help

Week 6-7 veg

Plants getting pretty big :grin:
Leaves were showing signs of insects so I been running neem foliage spray every 3-4 days. Also let the top of medium dry and gave top layer quick hits with neem and haven’t really seen a insect since!!!

So all my feedings I’ve been using filtered water because it’s closer to the 6-6.5ph range, over my tap water which is bout 7ph.
Starting to notice the tips of leaves starting to burn. I did a little research and believe it may be a calmag deficiency due to using filtered water??
Thinking about introducing molases to my feeding to maybe combat this? I’ve also heard people using it as a foliage spray? What u guys think?
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Personally I wouldn’t spray my plants with molasses. Could clog the stomata.
But feeding it to them will help with your soil microbes.

A tsp of Epsom salts / gal of water /feed mix will give them a magnesium boost and help keep them greened up too.


There ain’t a thing wrong with that plant. As @Oldguy said: avoid foliar sprays unless the health of the plant is at risk. There is also no data on molasses doing anything (except add a bit of sulfur). Feeding soil biota may be good or not; depending.

Neem oil is also something I avoid at all costs. I use an alternating regimen of Safer Caterpillar Killer and Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew if I pick up any pests.


Legend!! I’ll be onto that today cheers for the tip! U recommend using the epson salt daily with my daily nutes all the way thru flower?

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I added supplemental Epsom salt during mid-flower; also for the sulfur (helps promote terpenes) but using Jack’s this go-round it’s actually part of the 3-2-1 formula.


I wish I had access to this. I remember u mentioned that earlier but unfortunately I can’t access this product in my country :frowning: I have looked everywhere I was to keen on spraying the neem either but I didn’t see another option

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Lots of rain forecasted,
I’ve ordered a 1x1x2 led tent setup but is still on its way!

Have been given some random cheap grow light to borrow until mine gets here
Problem is I’ve had it running over my plant for the last day haven’t seen to many gains?

Leaves aren’t prying like they do to the sun
Is this bad??

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Plant is reacting to new light. Maintain your current light duration and get the new light in place as soon as you can. What else can you do?

You mean keep running with my cfl setup while my new setup comes? I could add cfl down below or maybe run it all together.

Or just get rid of this led altogether :confused:

Seen a bit of sun so moved it outside, noticing some colas are drooping low and now I’m very scared haha