1st grow ... help

1st time grower here who found a seed one day and decided to grow it. No clue what type of weed this is either just giving it a go as I find it fun and interesting and may indeed take this up as a hobby!!
Germinated seeds in some soil I found from Bunnings.after overwatering it ,the plant didn’t look to good on its first week out of the seed, it wasn’t getting the drainage it needed so I decided to transfer to 70/30 coco/perlite. A week later the growth was slow and it looked like it was struggling so I fed it 1ml/L sensi grow a/b and .5ml /L b-52 on week3.
The next day it looked much better and I’ve been feeding it daily until runoff with the mix above ^. Next week (4) im going to double that dose.
Currently putting it outside in the sun all day then inside under a cfl until it sleeps for 6 hours. The plant does well in the sun but not sure if my lighting is even strong enough as I don’t see it grow as much as in the sun.

Currently using a 85w 6400k evirogrow cfl
With 2 desk lamps with 2 Phillips energy saving cfls (lol).

Just been using shit I find around the house for this first time haha definitely going to get a setup one day but any advice for now would be sweet!


You say you’re watering daily? Just don’t overwater, just when the soil feels dry, ,good luck with your grow and welcome , there is alot of experienced growers to get you thru


If you had a couple daylight 6500k bulbs to replace the 2 yellow / orange ones it would help a bit with the growth till going out full time.
And feeding to good runoff daily in coco is the way to go.
Almost impossible to overwater in it as it holds so much air in the medium.
Looks good so far.
And welcome to I❤️GM.


Thanks man I’ll defs lookin into switching up the yellow lights up!! U recon I should put her out side full time in veg or flower?


Feeding it 1L of nute water a week at the moment. It does seem to dry up quiet quick being out in the sun 10-11 hours a day
Cheers for the warm welcome :v:


Depending where you are will determine the time line for outdoor.
Check your daylight hours ( sun up /sunset times )
Going into spring you’ll want them upwards of 14 hours to prevent any early flowering.
But def in veg will get you a much bigger plant overall.
Maybe a 10 gal or bigger pot. :thinking::wink:
Bigger roots. Bigger fruits. :+1:


He’s in a coco/perlite mix, watering daily is the way to go. And you don’t want coco to dry out like you do soil


Last day of week 3 -
She getting 10-11 hours sun light and loving it, then under the cfls for 6-7 hours till lights off, seems to be loving live but not really sure when to transplant to bigger pot?

Nutes get doubled tomorrow and I must say the sensi grow / b52 is some good shit, plant probs would of died without it haha

2x 55w 6500k cfls to replace my shitty household side lights


No need to run lights that you have for so long. More than likely the plant is getting all it needs in that duration of direct sunlight. You can set your indoor lights on a 30 minute timer and have it go off at midnight: this will stimulate the plant into thinking it’s under an 18 hour day and not flower. Daily Light Interval or DLI is what you are looking for here and you should be good.

Plant looks like it could use a heavier feeding. Coco needs to be watered daily and you can manipulate how much the plant sees by your solution strength or by your feeding/watering regimen. I should point out right now that you should be monitoring and adjusting the PH of your input liquid, using a decent PH pen. It’s also wise in coco to monitor the strength of the nutrient solution to better keep the plant on track.

I would also suggest looking into some training techniques to help yields.

Pretty plant!


Hey 410! Thanks for the advice . I was thinking about checking ph but didn’t think I needed to because of the ph perfect sensi grow?
And Did u mean lights on a 30min timer to turn on and off every 30 mins till midnight ?

No: just one 30 minute interval in the middle of the night. It tricks the plant. This is the technique used by growers on the Equator to be able to grow big plants.

Like that. That is a Colombian cannabis plantation.


Thanks mate I didn’t even know about this, definitely will be using that 1! Gonna look into stress training too, just waiting for the stem to thicken up a bit so I don’t snap it :grin:

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About to transplant in into a big pot 70/30 for veg. Considered adding a high quality soil into my 70/30 coco/perlite , would this be a benefit or should I just stick with coco perlite
Should I flush this with ph 6.1 ish water before I transfer?
Help ya boy not fk this up :joy:


Tied her down, switched up the lights too.
1x 85w envirogrow 6500k cfl
2x 55w 5000k cfl
Now gettin 12 hours sunlight, then under this light for 6 hours until I go to bed , all seems go b goin alright :slight_smile:

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Week 5
Lookin pretty
Can any1 recommend if this thing needs pruning or should I just leave her tied and let her be?

Leave her be my friend😁

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Week 5 veg
Plant was going good until started showing signs of spider mites and and other critters on me girl. Soil was also starting to get green algae so I stoped feeding her altogether to let the medium dry up a bit. Also installed bug traps around the plant after givin a quick foliage spray with neem/detergent.

These steps seemed to work for the bugs and after drying out for 2 days I transplanted into a 30L Fabric pot. Also lined the top and bottom of the pot with clay stones for a bit more drainage/airflow and to keep leaves off the coco.

Sceptical about feeding her yet till she settles into her new home abit unless anybody thinks otherwise? Also how long u guys think I should leave her alone for? Before I start some training? Sorry bout the tag :sweat_smile:
@Oldschool82 @Myfriendis410 @AfgVet @Oldguy
Much luv


Plant looks like it made the trip just fine: I usually don’t see much transplant shock. They just take off.

Plant looks fine but I would suggest getting on a ‘program’ for pests if you’ve had them this early in veg.

Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew (Spinosad) and Safer Caterpillar Killer (Bacillus Thurengiensis) are two bacteria that are harmless to people and pets but lethal to insects. The stuff is cheap as well but plan on doing a bud wash at harvest.


She looks great and in phases by the transplant. Since you’re in coco, don’t let it dry out.

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Cheers for the advice it’s a pretty massive pot (30L) not sure how much I should be watering. Currently feeding it 1.5L nutes daily, but I notice the top of the soil remains dry and I don’t get too much runoff.
Id feed it more daily but I thought 1.5L would be plenty?