1st grow...help

Strain; S.A.D clone
Soil in pots

System type? 30 gal tote

Light system, size? 2 T5 and 4 CFL 23 watts

Temps; Day, Night 80-85

Humidity; Day, Night not sure yet

Ventilation system; Yes/ fan

Co2; No
hey y’all, not forsure if I got everything I am new of course. Wanna make sure I am on the right path. My little one doesn’t seem like it’s growing very much. I am only doing 1 plant in this tote. It’s staying hot to me. Do I have too many lights?? I have a hole in the top and in the bottom back of the tote keep in mind it’s vertical the tote.

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I am confined to using this tote because I’m in a little space. I saw where someone did this and so I wanted to try it out due to I have nothing else guess I could have gotten a box… I only have one plant so u don’t think this tote will work all the way up to harvest? Am I wasting my time with this tote? She is looking good(I think) will send a pic later when I get home it’s just hot in there and was trying to figure out how to lower the temp. Have a temp gauge will get humidty gauge later. Right now she is in a solo cup!!! Thanks for the pot idea will check it out and thanks for ur help.

Seems like a 5, 7 or 10 gallon pot would take up far less space that a 30 gal tote? You can get a temp/rh gauge at Walmart for under $10.00
Keep updating and would like to see pics.

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how big is your room ?x?x? how big is your vent fan ? 30 gal tote ??? are you in soil? are you hydro ? at 85 f your plants will just about stop growing . unless your adding co2. ps picts allways help us too help you. .

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Hey y’all, this is my little grow room that I saw and wanted to try since I am limited to space. I only have 1 plant. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

First grow guy… get one of these like A. S .A .P. That is if you don’t already have one already.


I do have one of those keeping my water around 6.5…thanks a bunch.

one plant or a 1000 its all the same. if this forum is to help you we need all the info , i very much do not want to cause you or your plant stress :wink: but in order to help you accurately as possible . we need all of the parameters possible .that surround your grow .i once grew in a packing crate 30"x 24"x 30" . there s a nother grower on this site that is growing his under a sink . I Don’t judge… its all important to you and us … :>] ps have you down loaded Roberts grow bible yet? it a wealth of info you my find useful …its free Pss allways be willing to exept and ask for help. There is no better forum for this . looking forward to seeing your progress…sincerely Hammer


I do have the book and love it. I did figure out the temps, had the rv to hot and now we are rocking at 78…will keep y’all posted.thanks for your help.

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HAHA yeah i had it in mind that it was a single plant in a large tote ,lol now thats a neat idea for a grow box .just a thought try to get the lites closer to the plant . keep us posted on your progress.sincerly Hammer

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Same here, I envisioned a single plant in 30 gal of soil… A good reason for pics. Apologies mate!

Y’all are good, yeah I agree pics are great for y’all so you will understand…will keep y’all posted on the progress. Thanks for your help.yall are awesome.

All you guys are awesome and thats why this fourm is #1
Hands down.



Hey hammer
I have them 4 inches from her so I need to bring them down more??

thatll work … the pict looks like their way up high … good growing. H