1st grow from clones…what am I doing wrong?

Full disclosure these are test babies and I have no clue what I’m doing, As you may learn :grimacing:
Okay, so I got some baby clones , 4 different stains no clue what they are (long story that involves a dog), we started outdoors for few weeks and moved indoors about 3 weeks ago.
Soil is a mix of basic garden bed soil and a mix of Black Cow manure.
PH is at 7 +- .2
Lights on 18hr off 6hr

Training done: topped once ( couple weeks ago); pinching/bending stems and tying down.

Is there any course to fix?? See pictures numbered 1-4

I don’t think that soil is going to work for you. I’d probably transplant into some decent soil like ocean forest, or some other soil your local hydro shop carries.

Thank you, that was a thought I had, wasn’t sure if it was too late to transplant.

Thanks for the advice.

I had bought a couple clones for the first time. They were looking similar and I transplanted around the same size and they both took off. I just removed a lot of the lower dying leaves and branches to clean it up and also responding well

Thank you @Pshags …that means there is still hope!! :joy:. Thank very much!

Found a very nice and super informative Hydro shop near by, purchased ‘Coast of Maine Platinum Growers Mix’ and repotted. :crossed_fingers::sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:

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