1st Grow @ Flowering stage

I have two Bag seeds plants don’t knw the strain. Also have a White widow plant that is being mainline.(1st time)
I have it in a 5 gal
Soil is ffof
1000w led light
Flipped them 2 days ago gave them 36 hrs of dark. 18 off n 6 on (if wrong light times please send a advise)
Also feeding FF trio
Just gave them a feeding today
10ml Bloom
20ml organic one in 1 gal share among all 3 of the plants

With 2 65 w lights on the sides on the plants

These last 3 photos are not under the led light
Thanks for ya time please tag along
GOAL IS TO HIT AT LEAST 1lb bt nuthin less than 4 oz
HAPPY GROW :smiling_imp::pray:t5:


Hey man, I’m a new farmer too, so I don’t know too much. But I do know that you would probably benefit more in flower with a light schedule closer to 12 on 12 off.


Plants looking good. If you want them to flower, like mentioned above, lights need to be 12/12 unless they are autos.
Good luck!:+1:t2::sunglasses:

thats pretty ambitious for a first grow! Yes as the others stated your plant needs to first reach sexual maturity, that means you should be able to detect its sex organs. Once you can do that switch your light to 12 on and 12 off. I would not be giving your plant flowering nutrients until the first signs of flowering begins as you risk nutrient overload before thenplant even gets started, it will take some time for the plant to switch from veg to flower, that cant be rushed. This would be a time to decide how you want to grow the plant, in a scrog net? Using yoyo’s? Support as needed?
How are you going to keep your 1 pound plant from laying on the floor?


I’m out of likes but for ur first grow ur doing an amazing job man…yes listen to @Cannabian his advice could give u a great understanding on what to do next and for the reminder of ur grow he’s very insightful have a great day and I’ll keep watching interested in how it turns out for ya


Ok so I just have a quick question is this a male or too early to tell

Too early to tell. The best way to know is a male has a cluster of roundish nodules… a female has a pod with 2 white hairs. It will be obvious when it happens.

Males have balls. Lol.

Ok yeah maybe I’m just too excited to had gotten this far to b by a male at the end lol but it’s only been 4 days n they have grown crazy in height!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED AND I CANT HIDE IT LOL


Nice flex! But would you be so kind as to refrain from using the f word as its frowned upon in the community guidelines.
They are looking fantastic! Lots of work left to do though… enjoy!

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My plant looks the same but it turned out to be new growth


Yea but look at them now

Uploading: 0403046E-DE8F-4928-BAC6-FC1D6CDAE225.jpeg…


Week 3 into flowering


This is week 4, 6th day into flowering
White widow

2 bag seeds
1st plant

2nd plant

Please Tagg growers

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Just amazing can’t wait to see an encore :wink:

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Yea me too!!
I got super lucky to get a clown out of one of the bag seeds plant just trying some YouTube information out without all the proper clone gel n what not.
Well I think I did good just got to switch them back into veg

The roots on her
(Don’t remember what exact date I cut them but it was the 1st or 2nd week into flowering

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Awesome bro I was gonna do that but I said what the hay and just gonna let them go that’s why I popped the purp